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May 13, 2008

‘Free at last’

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Must have been the hottest day of the year so far today or perhaps it felt like that because it was my last day at work. Of course being the last day meant it started to get complicated early on and never really got back on track. The first of todays little set backs occurred at Sconser when we burst a hydraulic hose on the aft ramp, of course this happened before the ramp had reached a point when it will ‘float’ down under it’s own weight so the pump had to be stopped to contain the leak before we could discharge cars. Fortunately most of the oil went over the works van so that will stop it going rusty! and means there are no unhappy customers with shiny new cars covered in hydraulic oil. With the rest of the crew cleaning up the oil and me changing the hose we were only 10 mins late in sailing and I went back to tidying up the area at the forward end of the ferry that I’d spent most of the week painting. In doing this I spotted a tin of red deck paint which had a vary rusty base so I removed its lid to decant it into a larger tin. As I picked up the tin by its handle the entire base and the contents of the tin fell out the bottom!

It must have just been the vacuum between the lid and the paint that was holding it all together and as I’d just painted the deck green yesterday and the 2nd coat of grey had just dried I was not pleased to say the least. All this before 9:20am after which the coastgaurd radioed the ferry whilst we were at Sconser and asked us to wait for an ambulance. With the ambulance on board we left for Raasay around 10 mins late then waited for it to return so we sailed at 10:30 instead of 10:00 and I do hope whoever was in the ambulance is OK.

More marine hardware arrives

Not long after this ‘Atlas Marines’ tug ‘Kingston Lacy’ arrived with another barge with a digger on board. This will be for the spoil that the dredger removes from the sea bed.

With all this excitement we launched the DOTI boat at lunch and went to have a look.

The large Hitachi digger on the right has reach of 24m and will deposit the contents of its bucket into the smaller grey barge.

The grey barge has a large CAT digger on that will then be used to empty the contents of the barge somewhere other than a landfill in Livingston ( this will make no sense to most people so just ignore it )

The rest of the day flew by and my relief ( who had just driven up from Mull ) let me away early so that’s it a whole 3 weeks of pigs and Land Rover ahead of me ( is that sad or what ). So now I have to go and watch my signed copy of ‘Pig in a day’ with Hugh and Ray DVD, the novices guide to pig butchery. It’s one of the pre production copies so has a few glitches in it but with that and a copy of ‘Mrs Beatons cookery book’ I’ll be just fine when the time comes for poor ‘Hopalong Sally’

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