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May 12, 2008

Ships galore!

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Well that’s Monday out of the way, only one more day to work and then 3 weeks holiday! HOLIDAY that’ll be right. Here’s the list of jobs in order of urgency

1 Kill and butcher ‘Hopalong Sally’ ( I’m trying to make light of this but I’m not looking forward to it )

2 Build a shelter for Bramble to farrow in, she’s due on Monday but judging by the amount of activity inside her she could be early.

3 Annual re fit on the ‘old girl’ prior to MOT in June ( probably about a weeks work )

4 Take 4 remaining weaners to Dingwall for slaughter

5 Recover 170m of 63mm pipe from a hill on Skye

6 Recover half a mile of copper cable ( and there’s no way I’m telling anyone where that is! )

7 Sit my ‘transport of animals competancy test’

8 Go to a rave if I get 1,2 done and pass 3 ( well your only young once and me I was middle aged at 20 so I’m making up for it now )

9 Paint roof of house, do some clam diving, catch some lobsters, and a hundred and one other things besides but if I manage the first 7 I’ll be a happy bunny.

So anyway the day was good and sunny with lots of activity at sea. The first vessel to put in an appearance was the FRV (fisheries research vessel) ‘Alba Na Mara’ which was only launched this year by Macduff shipyard in February.

She’s a fine looking boat and if you click on the image you can see she has some ‘clam dredges’ hanging over the stern. Personally I think that scallop dredging should be banned in inshore waters having seen at first hand the destruction it leaves in its wake, it’s a bit like cutting down a forest to harvest mushrooms whilst not being entirely sure if there are mushrooms in the forest anyway but what do I know?

Next to put in an appearance was the Northern lights vessel ‘Pole Star’ who this time was busy servicing the starboard hand marker in the Raasay Narrows.

Now whilst this little ship which was built by ‘Fergusons’ on the Clyde is very purposeful it is hardly pretty unlike the previous ‘Pole Star’ which was a beautiful and a proper ship of about twice the size. I heard it had been sold and was being converted into a luxury yacht! Whoever bought it must have taste and pots of money!

The dreader cometh

All the above happened before lunch and I spent that on board as I’d a few wee things to do. After lunch things got really exciting with the appearance of the dreading barge for the new harbour which was being towed by tug ‘Kingston Lacy’

This wee 500hp tug seemed to be making good speed with the barge in tow. She left the barge in Churchton bay then headed back towards Kyle possibly to pick up another barge so that the dredging barge could deposit what comes out of it into this other barge. This dredged stuff will then probably be taken to a landill in Livingston or somewhere ( I’m only guessing ) So it’s OK to tow hundreds of dredges for scallops over the sea bed destroying everything in their path day after day and year after year but you can’t dump rock and sand back in the sea from whence it came? the world has gone mad!!!! More stuff did happen but right now I have to go or I’ll be in deep trouble!

The ‘more stuff’

Having narrowly averted divorce last night I’m back to finish off. It’s 5:30 am and despite having a slight case of ‘man flu’ ( a wee cold ) I’m just rareing to go and finish all my jobs on the ‘Loch Striven’ and get the day at work over with. So yesterday as the ‘Kingston Lacy’ barge and wee work boat headed north this huge ‘gin palace’ headed south.

The photo’s not great as it was a long way off so I took it at the highest resolution possible on the fine camera that my wonderful parents bought me ( how’s that mum ) then magnified it in ‘Photoimpact’ and reduced the file size to post it. Now considering how far away it was and I’ve not got a clue what I’m doing then I was pretty chuffed with the result. It was so far away I could not get a name but it had that 70s look about it and would not have looked out of place in a ‘James Bond’ film of that era.

With the working day over a lovely dinner of smoked fish on a bed of rice inside me ( and my pyjamas on) I went to have a look for ‘Hopalong Sally’ our 3 legged pig. I could not find her or any of the wee Tamworths that were out on the hill but I did find this at the end of our drive.

An amazing sunset behind the ‘Storr’ on Skye.

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