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May 11, 2008

‘Ne’er cast a clout till May is out’

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And it is! the Mayflower or hawthorn is in flower. The old saying means do not remove any winter clothing until the hawthorn is in bloom. Now to most readers in sunnier climes ( probably everyone reading this ) the mayflower has probably been out for weeks but here at the north end of Raasay it’s just arrived and is another of the years little markers like the cuckoo and Thursdays swallow and midge ( I wonder if the last two are connected ? )

This small tree flowered yesterday and by the looks of it we are going to have plenty others in bloom this year. The previous occupant of our croft must have planted a hundred hawthorns as hedges but most of them have been ravaged by deer and sheep so don’t really flower much but this year it looks like they will.

A typical Sunday in the suburbs

Well it could have been apart from the pigs, as I’ve said many times I love my Sundays when I’m working as I can feed the pigs and get a good look at them before I set off down ‘Calum’s road’ for work. Jamie Lea had spent the night outside whilst her ‘football team’ had curled up in a corner of the ark though the sound of me and the feed bucket soon stirred them and after a good scoff they went for a drink.

And there’s a free pork chop for anyone who can guess what they are drinking out of. The rest of the herd were all fine apart from ‘Hopalong Sally’ with her broken leg though even she barged her way into the trough by passing the separate portion that I’d put out for her. As usual I checked the normally very accurate

UK Wind Map before I set off to work and it  informed me it was going to be grey and damp. It did  however end up being a pure belter of a day

UK Wind Map were not the only people to get it wrong the BBC said the same thing. So being Sunday I did what most people do in the suburbs and wash the car ( well Land Rover ) then after the 2nd and last run from Sconser at 4:30 I went home and mowed the lawn just like any ordinary guy would do on a sunny evening, which in itself is another of the years milestones as it’s the first time this year. However unlike your average guy I didn’t put the lawn clippings  in the compost bin ( it was full ) I gave them to the pigs.

Here’s Ginger our Tamworth boar getting stuck in.

Whilst carrying my parcels of clipping around the croft I couldn’t but help notice some ‘escapees’ who were on a bit of a ‘mission’.

The ‘magnificent seven’ can just squeeze through the bottom two rungs of the gate and this is them about 100 yds away from home just before they ran back to mum for a feed.

After which they were straight back through the gate and looking for some chicken for the main course!

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