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May 10, 2008

The mountain has moved

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Saturday is always a funny day on the ferry with a couple of busy runs and then a few empty ones, no one apart from the bin men or the occasional Inverness shopper on the first ferry then a mad rush for the swimming club at 9 or 10, followed by a busy lunchtime one back from Sconser then a quiet afternoon. So Saturdays are as a rule a bit of a drag but today it was quite steady so the day flew by. Though I must confess and apologize for being a bit vague and distracted today due to our poorly pig. I’m not great on the phone at the best of  times as my hearing’s shocking but I seemed to spend most of my spare time getting nowhere on it trying to decide what to do about said pig, trying to contact various people for help and advice. I’ve come to the conclusion ( not on my own ) that it’s best to kill her here and get someone who is expert to come over and show me how to de hair and butcher her. Whilst I’ve not actually found anyone yet I’ve a few phone numbers and I’ve left messages so it’s looking good and I feel like a mountain has been lifted off my shoulders. Taking of which the mountain of rock that was in front of the village hall has now finally been relocated to a ‘green field’ site near the new harbour.

As you can see the ‘Raasay village hall’ now has a view though some idiot has parked their Land Rover in front of it. There’s a wee bit (well several hundred tons actually) left but that’s going to go straight into the steel containers that are having their lids cut off at Kishorn! Balfour Beatty are making a temporary jetty using steel shipping containers that have the tops cut off and are then filled with rubble. Which is pretty much what the present pier is made of at the moment. It’s not shipping containers it’s sheet piling and the bottoms rusted out of it and the rubble is coming out! I think that was done in 1980 so the steel containers should do nicely for the year ( or so they reckon ) that it’s going to take to build the new one.

And whilst the view from ‘Raasay village hall’ is much improved the view from ‘Raasay house’ is not! as it now has a new addition to the Cullins and some idiot has parked a Land Rover on it! Still as no one apart from the builders is in Raasay house at the moment I don’t suppose it’s a problem as by the time it re opens next easter the mountain should be somewhere else. When you consider that ‘Hooky'(I have to stop calling him GDD under pain of death from a member of his family), ‘Twiggy’, ‘Popeye’, and ‘Gopher’ moved this mountain in around a month with 2 lorries and 2 diggers, It makes you realize just how much work 4 men can do these days! and I’m really sorry if I’ve missed anyone out.

I could not resist slipping another Land Rover picture in, I know I’m sad but next to my wife, the Dude, the pigs and life in general I love my Landy best! OK it’s a big brutish fuel guzzling 4×4 but it’s never been more than 500miles from the factory it was built 22 years ago and will still be going when your average euro, or jappo box has been recycled into crap from China that ends up in a landfill. Apart from watching the Dude at footie practice that was about it for the day.

I actually hate football but love watching the Dude play because he really enjoys it, That’s him far right.


  1. Well……know where we stand then after the pigs and the Land Rover!!!!!
    x Mum

    Comment by Jean C — May 12, 2008 @ 7:19 pm

  2. Hey Paul, Are Landrovers not the ultimate 4wd posers. They just love puffing their chests out on a pile of rocks. I was just thinking what an old fashioned sight our l/r was today with my ancient rice horse box behind it. Happily no horse but its an excellent mobile wood shed. Can fill it up in the woods! Good luck with the poorly pig. Leo

    Comment by leo zinovieff — May 12, 2008 @ 8:27 pm

  3. Well……know where we stand then after the pigs and the Land Rover!!!!!
    x Mum

    WHOOPS sorry guys, you know I don’t mean it!

    Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — May 12, 2008 @ 10:53 pm

  4. Just wait until I get my 1970s ‘Thomson Glenelg’ caravan hitched on the back L then I’ll show you some proper posing!

    Comment by lifeattheendoftheroad — May 12, 2008 @ 10:55 pm

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