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May 9, 2008

Poor wee piggie

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I’m afraid I’ve not got much to report today about the harbour or anything else for that matter as the ferry has been running back and forward all day with the volume of traffic. Though I could see the drilling rig down on the shore at low tide through the new binoculars that my mum and dad bought me as a birthday pressie. They are drilling and blasting out a 4m or was it 4′ deep trench ( my memory is shocking! ) for the foundations of the new pier and judging by all that black pipe at the side of the rig they must be drilling allot of holes.

Apart from seeing the first swallow of the year and doing allot of painting then that was about it for the day at work. So without even loading my trailer with rocks I headed home beneath a greying sky. When I got home I felt really grey as one of the ‘wains’ (our 5 Tamworth weaners) had a broken leg!

She’s one of the most affectionate ones and came hobbling up for a pet. The poor thing can’t be in pain as she will let you feel the break but I’m anxiously awaiting a call from our vet as she was due for the chop soon and I don’t Know what to do. I don’t want to separate her from her pals as pigs love company and she seems to be getting her share at the trough. If we give her any kind of medication there will be a withdrawal period so we may not able to send them away for a few weeks and I’m not even sure if you can transport a pig with a broken leg anyway so I do hope the vet phones soon. I was going to look back through some of my 20 year old diaries but to be honest I can’t concentrate so that’s it I’m afraid.

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