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May 8, 2008

ARGHHHHHH, The dreaded midge is here!!!!

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First of all many thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday and to TG have a good one tomorrow. I never really had the dilemma at 30 or 40 it just hit me with a bang at 50! when I suddenly started to realize that I wasn’t going to be fit and healthy for ever and suddenly joined a pension scheme ( better late than never ). Anyway last nights birthday celebration was nice and quiet with just our neighbour round for a lovely dinner which was finished off by the waxing moons first crescent being almost blood red as we saw our neighbour out of the front door.

OK I know it could be anything but it was pretty amazing in the flesh so to speak.


It was another spectacular day when I headed down ‘Calum’s road’ to work and the day flew by with all the traffic that this good weather seemed to bring. There were a few anxious moments when a lorry carrying scaffolding for ‘Raasay House’ got stuck on the ramp as he was driving onto the ferry. The tide had just started to ebb and the rear end of the lorry dug in the concrete of the slipway at Sconser. The raised rear axle which was braked caught on the ferry ramp and he could not go backwards or forwards. I’m not sure weather he managed to unbrake the axle or raise it a bit more but after a couple of attempts to everyones relief he got on the ferry.

In my brief lunch break I managed to load up some stones for my rockery and take a quick trip down to the site of the new harbour. Not a great deal seems to have happened of late as the dredger has been delayed though work is apparently progressing well on the concrete blocks that are being cast at the old ‘Howard Doris’ yard at  Kishorn. A drilling rig arrived on Tuesday by landing craft but of course I missed that as I was up here on the croft.

My good friend ‘Grumpy digger driver’ was busy making a ramp down to the shore so the rig could get in position ( this is a wild guess on my part as I was pushed for time and he was deep in discussion with an important looking chap )

And there’s some free pork chops to anyone who can guess what all the water bottles are for in that crate on the left!

As I had to dash off and start the ferry I could not really find out much more but I’ll try again tomorrow even if I have to miss loading my trailer with rocks as it looks like something exciting is about to happen.

The afternoon like the morning flew by and before I knew it I was back home. After unloading my trailer of rock I went to check on the rapidly growing piglets whilst the Dude watered the newly planted peas.

Now I’m expecting great things from this raised bed I made out of an old digger track as it’s been filled with top soil, peat, goat dung, pig dung, and crab shells. Mrs C is ‘head gardener’ as I’m a bit of a disaster in that department so we’ll just have to wait and see. It was whilst taking this piccy of the Dude that I noticed him scratching and waving his arms which at this time of year can only mean one thing the MIDGE !!! and sure enough I got bitten. These tiny creatures are the bane of the west coast of Scotland and have to be experienced to be believed. They seem to appear around my birthday and peak in July or August and if it were not for these wee blighters the west coast of Scotland would be heaven on earth, well apart from the gales and rain that is!

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