Life at the end of the road

May 7, 2008

52 and all’s well

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Well another year has passed me by and mrs C and the Dude have just plain spoiled me with lamb chops, roast potatoes, vegatables and a home made chocolate mouse so there’ll not be much action on the lap top tonight. The day has been pure lovely and my first day back on the ferry was quite busy. Mrs C has been busy in the garden planting more lettuce and doing pig related stuff.

Me I popped round to see my good mate and ex skipper Willy at lunchtime and see the polytunnel which is looking good and just needing its doors.

Now when you consider this magnificent structure has been built totally out of stuff that was either washed up on the shore, rescued from a skip or salvaged from the old polytunnel (the polythene) then I think it’s pretty amazing. Time however was short so I could not get the full picture and had to dash back to the ferry.

After a busy afternoon I headed home and spotted these fine fellows in the sunset.

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