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May 6, 2008

Dreading John Humphries

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Well that’s my ‘rest week’ over, well that’s what my employer calls it. REST WEEK that’s a laugh I’m pure wrecked after the weeks labours, and the weather has been fantastic for the last 3 days though it feels like 3 weeks. Today, Tuesday is always a bit manic as I’m rushing around trying to get everything finished before I join the ‘Loch Striven’ for a week. It’s been such a great week that I’m dreading going tomorrow, not because I don’t like work but because I don’t really want to find out what has been going on in the rest of the world. The rest of the world is a bit like my job, I deal with it on a week on week off basis but unlike my job, on the whole it stinks. After my last week off I went back to work to find everyone running around like eejits filling jerry cans with petrol because the tabloids had chosen to start a fuel panic. I wonder what it will be this week when I switch on the radio tomorrow morning to listen to John Humphries and the ‘Today’ team I’m sure it will as usual be depressing and bear no resemblance to the cr4p that’s printed in the ‘Sun’ or the ‘Record’ the 2 fine comics that we receive free daily on the ferry. I could of course just listen to CDs but I’ve not bought one for a couple of years so I’m pretty fed up with the ones in my Land Rover, anyway I feel it’s my duty to at least listen to the news once in a while.

The last day

With the success of the hydro turbine I did for my mate and with Hugh Piggot visiting on Sunday I was all fired up today to get some work done on my own ‘mini hydro’ scheme. The pipe had been laid and jointed and today I was going to sort out the header tank. The kind of system I’m building does not require a dam as such, some water from the burn is diverted into a small tank the purpose of which is to settle out stones and rubbish rather than build up a head of water. After contemplating a wheelie bin,fish farm float, fish box and even a large mooring buoy I settled on this old galvanized water tank which was an integral part of our gardens deer defenses ( in other words it was blocking up a hole between a fence and a shed ). So once removed I had to repair the gaping hole that it left. I also had to block up 4 holes in the tank and then cut a large one for the ‘penstock’ pipe about a third of the way down.

The tank was so thick and my hole so well cut ( by fluke ) that the plastic pipe fitting screwed straight into it. I then made up a large plastic washer for the inside and screwed the other pipe fitting on tightly to hold it firmly in place.

With a good bead of silicon and tightened up it proved water tight and with an old washing machine drum wedged in as a filter was ready to be fitted.

It’s not finished by any means as it needs a screen adding to the top and everything mounting more securely for when the burns in spate but it’s not far off.

Whilst I was playing about with this mrs C had been busy planting potatoes, carrots, parsnips and peas and the pigs ( all 28 of them including piglets ) had spent the day sleeping, some in their arks, some in the sun and some in wallows but all sleeping as it was so hot!

Once the Dude was home we went to check out the turbine end of the ‘penstock’ pipe now that we had water running through it. There wasn’t much ( around 1lt per second ) but by the time it had traveled 250m and dropped 40m there was some force behind it!

Feeling quite pleased with ourselves we went out to lift the creels  and were just in time to scrounge a lift out to the mooring with Bill Cowie from Rona who had just delivered Hugh Piggot back to Raasay.

Bill shot off to Portree for fuel, Hugh shot off for the last ferry and the Dude and I went on to catch 1 wee crab but boy did we have a good time!

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