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April 26, 2008

Another mad crofter!

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Well it’s almost 10:30 and nearly my bed time. I’ve been trying for hours to get to grips with ‘photoimpact’ with only a little success. As regulars will Know I’m about as far as it’s possible to be from a telephone exchange and still get internet access, we’re 10 miles away so can only dream of broadband and our dial up comes in at a poor 31.2 kbps. What this means is That I’ve to reduce the file size on my pics to post them and even so it takes hours so I usually set my camera at .3million pixels, this gives me a picture of around 600kb which I can then reduce to around 60kb to post. The problem with doing this is I can’t enlarge the photo’s much as the quality is poor. Today the ‘Northern Lights’ ship ‘Pole Star’ returned to the Raasay narrows to clean the starboard hand buoy on the ‘Jackal rock’ just north of the pier. They changed the port hand buoy on the ‘Rainy  rocks’ the other day and the pics I took were too far away so today I upped the resolution on the camera to 6million pixels then I could zoom in on the computer. Being ‘not of the computer age’ it has taken me the best part of 2 hours to do this one photo

of the ‘Pole Star’ hauling the green buoy aboard to clean off all the weed off the bottom of it and judging by the size of the crew on the deck the weed must have been about 20′ long. When I finally got my picture resized I went to my blog to find it inundated with referrals from another mad crofting friend of mine who supplied us with ‘Ginger’ our most laid back Tamworth boar and of course a wealth of his experience and know how.

By the time I’d finished watching the ‘Pole Star’ I didn’t have much time for gathering my quota of rock so I thought I’d get a good one.

And I was most pleased with my efforts, I dunno why I have this obsession with rocks, I can understand my mate Ron’s enthusiasm because he’s Dutch and they don’t have many rocks in Holland but me I’m surrounded by the stuff yet I still insist on bringing more home. Arnish is going to be a very confusing place for geologists of the future with all it’s imported rocks and stones.

Apart from a sponsored walk on Raasay for ‘Marie Curie’ cancer research which got off to a really miserable start with pouring rain and strong winds, though finished in sunshine not a great deal else happened. Mrs C phoned to tell me that she was moving Shona into a field on her own to farrow though if she’s anything like Jamie Lea it could be a while! Most of our pigs are Tamworths But we have 2 ‘Gloucester Old Spot’ gilts that are due to have piglets to Ginger and we can’t wait to see them but despite several false alarms nothing has yet appeared.

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