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April 25, 2008

Forget ‘Grecian 2000’ I use ‘Interlac 497’

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It’s been a funny old day and being a working day I listen to the news and weather on my half hour drive to work. As I work week on week off my knowledge of current affairs only extends to half of the year or less as I actually get holidays as well. Apparently there’s going to be a shortage of fuel in Scotland due to a strike or the possibility of a strike at Grangemouth oil refinery, well of course there’s going to be a shortage because all the people who normally run around with 1/2 a gallon of unleaded in their tank are now running round all the filling stations like headless chickens filling up cans as well as there cars! Anyway I digress it was the weather forecast that concerned me because the man said it was going to rain allot on the west coast. I usually take the radio 4 weather forecast about as seriously as the Sun newspaper as like the paper it is very much centered around the south east of England but today unlike the Sun the weather forecast had a ring of truth about it. I was concerned about said weather because I was planning some painting on the ferry as my opposite number has been putting me to shame of late by rushing about all day sanding, painting and varnishing. Every time I saw him he was either surrounded by a cloud of wood dust or clutching a paint brush or roller. As it was actually a nice morning I started glossing some black things and undercoating other black things, I also had a tin of white gloss on the go for doing some work by the car deck and inside the engine room door if the weather went nasty. I got busy outside when the car deck was quiet or it was fine and dashed down my hole in the engine room if it was busy or showery, we came into Sconser at 11:15 the cars and passengers left, the weather was fine so I ran with my open tin of ‘International, Interlac 497’ black paint and fully loaded paint roller up the stairs to get a quick coat of paint on the samson posts whilst the ramp was down. I somehow managed to trip on the stairs and fall, as I went forward the fully loaded paint roller hit me on the head disguising my few grey hairs, the tin deposited some of it’s contents on my right arm and I skinned my knuckles on the gritty stair treads! luckily no one saw me and I sneaked off to the toilets to get cleaned up.

At lunchtime I went to see Ron and his wall.

Then popped into the ‘Raasay village Hall’ which has come on in leaps and bounds since I was last in there a couple of weeks ago. The first thing that struck me was the heat in the place, OK there was a heater going as they were plastering but it was only one heater and the whole building was warm. There’s a staircase in it now and I was given a guided tour in Polish which didn’t really help as regards what was what but I could see it was being done to a very high standard with insulation everywhere.

It’s got a staircase in now and I was taken upstairs and shown around though I’m not sure what I was being shown. That was until I met Daniel in the attic.

Daniel was busy working on the ‘Ground source’ heating system which uses latent heat from two deep bore holes out side the hall to reduce the amount of energy required to heat the hall. Well it’s probably allot more complicated than that judging by the pipework but if anyone can explain it better then please do. Being interested in all things renewable as we’re 8 miles from an electricity supply, well 6 if you count the hydro scheme over the sea on Skye at the Storr Lochs, I did look into it but really needs a constant supply of electricity. I can’t remember how much but it was way more than our wind turbine could supply which is a shame because we have ideal ground for laying miles of the required pipe to make use of the latent heat in the ground. The village hall being on solid rock had to have 2 x 150m holes bored straight down ( perhaps these figures have been ‘lost in translation’ so don’t quote me). Suitably impressed I went back to the ‘Loch Striven’ and my painting hoping that the big black blob on my head was not too obvious. Well it wouldn’t have been had mrs C not given me a number 2 haircut on Tuesday night.

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