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April 24, 2008

The wanderers return

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Was quite concerned when I went out this morning and discovered an empty pig arc. It was 6:00am and I’d to set off for work in half an hour so not much time to go hunting for the AWOL pigs. It’s not possible to start calling them at that time as it would just set the others off and create mayhem so after a quick and quiet look around the woods I set off down ‘Calum’s road’ for work. We’ve had the wee ones missing the odd feed but never the big sows and we’ve never had a pig miss 2 feeds. Anyway nothing I could do about it as the ferry has to sail on time. After a couple of hours I phoned up mrs C to see if Braken and Bramble had turned up but at 10:30 there was still no sign despite mrs C going out looking. I was just beginning to think the worst, like they’d gone over a cliff or been pignapped when mrs C phoned to say they were back and both sound asleep in their ark. Apparently they spent the rest of the day in their bed worn out by their adventure and even had to be woken for the evening feed.

Another idiot proof boat

With all the good weather of late I’ve been feeling quite nautical recently and almost missing my previous incarnation as a clam diver. This is of course completely irrational and will pass as soon as the weather deteriorates, though it didn’t stop me watching Dave Oakes diving for clams in the Raasay narrows this fine spring morning with just a little envy as I beavered away with my paint brush. Dave has an Aluminium catamaran which in the idiot/bomb proof stakes ranks alongside the ‘Pioner’ . A little later in the day Dave was landing his catch at Sconser and demonstrated his technique for picking up scallops without using your hands!

Though I’m not quite sure how he breathes whilst using this method. Incidentally this most excellent craft is for sale and you can contact Dave at I don’t Know how much it is or what it’s called but it certainly is a good workhorse and is available with the fishing license.

I always called it the ‘Sloop John West’ because it reminded me of a tin of tuna but don’t let that put you off because I think old Landrovers look good!

The rest of the day was a mixture of painting and a quick visit to Ron’s wall and my secret rock mine. It passed quickly enough and I headed up the road at 7:15 but got distracted along the way by some stunning views.

This is looking over towards Portree from Glame.

I also went for a wander with my rifle near the start of ‘Calum’s road’ and at last shot a rabbit!

I’ve been trying to shoot a rabbit for about 2 weeks now and have not had much luck. I’m really not that keen on the whole hunting/fishing carry on as regards actually doing it. I love fish and I love game but can’t be bothered with all the stalking/fishing nonsense as I’ve usually got far too many other things to do and take no pleasure in standing for hours with a fishing rod or crawling about with a gun and binoculars. This last few weeks though I’ve been trying to teach the Dude what little I know and we’ve been out a few times with both rod and rifle. The trouble with my boy is he won’t shut up so we’ve not had much luck, anyway tonight I went off on my own and got this fine bunny which will feed us all and provide some much needed bait for the creels. If you look carefully you can see a notch in it’s left ear, this is where I shot it last week! I always go for a head shot as it’s cleaner and probably why I often miss. My sights are set for 75yds and when I came across this chap last week he was only about 20yds away which explains the ear piercing.

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