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April 23, 2008

The cuckoo arrives and the Tamworths disappear

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Back on the ferry today and quite allot has happened but I’m just going to tell it in pictures as I’m wrecked and my brains not working. The first and most significant event being the sound of a cuckoo at Arnish though I’m pretty sure I saw one on Sunday. I know it’s only a bird and a pretty nasty one at that but I love the first hearing so to speak, by the middle of May it’s driving me bonkers as we live in a kind of rock ampitheatre that echoes like mad on a still day and I swear it’s talking to it’s own echo.

The first visit of the day after my morning on the ferry was Ron’s Wall for the hall and today he’d finally reached the old section of wall (that’s it with the orange jacket on it) with the foundation stones. There’s still allot of work to do but it’s looking good.

The ‘Pole star’

The Northern lights ship the Pole star was working in the narrows of Raasay today changing the port hand bouy by the ‘Rainey rocks’ Rainey being one of Raasay’s most infamous landlords who also has a wall at the north end named after him. This fine 6′ high wall stretching from coast to coast at Tarbert near Arnish was built to keep the peasants well and truly in their place. That being the most infertile rocky 10 or 15% of the island that is Arnish, Torran, Kyle Rona and Fladda. To me it’s the best part of the island but then I don’t have to share it with several hundred people and scratch out an existence from it’s poor thin soil.

This is one of the ‘Pharos’ taken at the ‘Northern Lights’ depot in Oban last year, I think it’s a bit larger than the ‘Pole Star’ but quite similar in appearance.

It’s not half as pretty as the last Pole Star (which is now a billionaires yacht) but it does the job. The afternoon was quite steady and they day was good, I got home around 8:00 and 5 wee piglets were waiting for me in the evening sun.

Though when I got in mrs C informed me that the two Tamworth sows, Braken and Bramble had gone AWOL, now this is quite unusual for those two as (like all pigs) they’re a bit obsessed about their grub. I went out a couple of times looking for them but I can’t call them or the 5 wee Tamworths will start following me and getting all excited so I’ve just decided to leave them out as they’ll turn up eventually.

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