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April 20, 2008

Pipe for hydro and ANOTHER puncture

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Another peachy day here on the west coast with a good breeze of north easterly wind which did keep the wind turbine ticking over but made it a wee  bit chilly when exposed to it. Mrs C went off to Fort William with the Dude for new shoes and the monthly pilgrimage to Lidl. Whilst I press ganged my good friend, ex skipper, and hen house builder extrodiniar Willy Eyre into assisting me collect the 470m of 63mm plastic water pipe that I’d been given from Skye. I’ve been rolling this up into 50m lengths now since February whenever time and weather permits. With the success of the ‘Harris Hydro turbine’ I installed for my mate I plan to do one myself and this pipe is perfect and will save me around £880. Well that is if you discount all the time I’ve spent dragging it down the remote hillside, mornings spent coiling it up and trips on the ferry. Anyway today (well yesterday as it’s 6:00am and I’m writing this with a hangover) I took my trailer to bring back what we’d got so far. So off we went on the 9:00am ferry and got stuck into coiling another 2 pipes, due to the warmer temperature and our experience in doing the others we got on famously and had we had more rope could easily have got more done. But with 6 coils loaded in the trailer and 2 hours to the ferry we decided to pop into Broadford for a snack.

And I really must start a ‘dry stone work category’ as I spotted this beautiful arch on the way down from our pipe site to the main road. We got to Broadford and the bakers only to find an extremely flat tyre on our return to the car park.

Now this posed us with a bit of a problem as my good friend Hugh ‘Grumpy digger driver’ still had my wheel from yesterdays puncture. Undetered we whipped off the wheel and rolled it to the garage armed with some self tapping screws and a screwdriver. I figured if we could find the leak I could put a screw in it and it would get us home. I had not however counted on the totally crap compressor at the garage which despite taking £1.20 off me for 9 lousy minutes failed to put more than a few breaths in my tyre and was so noisy that we could not find the leak. They did however have some ‘Flat mate’ (the aerosol stuff) and 2 tins of this squirted in the tyre got enough air in to find 2 leaks one of which it sealed and the other of which I screwed a self tapper in.

With my tyre up we managed to make the 1:15 ferry and I spent the rest of the day cutting wood painting fences and then we all went round to our neighbours for dinner. The 5 wee Tamworths must have been on a real mission as they did not turn up to be fed until 8:30! though they did come round to my neighbours chalet to tell me they wanted feeding. So after feeding the pigs, several more glasses of wine and an excellent spaghetti the Dude led his irresponsible parents home to bed.

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