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April 16, 2008

A good day for rabbits

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Awoke early to a spectacular day and a great forecast according to UK Wind Map so after feeding our lovely pigs I got the Dude up earlier than usual for a bit of target practice before school. It’s been a while since we’ve had rabbit and I’m planning on a spot of lobster fishing at the weekend so the bunny will do for bait. I can fillet the bunny for a nice curry, stir fry or stew and bait 6 creels with the bones. Of course if I was any good at fishing I could just catch some bait but I’m a lousy rod fisherman and only slightly better at hunting but at least with a gun you don’t have to launch a boat!

The Dude did good at 25yds hitting the clamshell 5 out of 5, OK the groupings not great but it’s pretty good for a wain! Any way despite setting off early we had a fruitless trip with no shots fired. After dropping the Dude off at school late (nothing to do with me) I went to see Ron and his wall.

The massive stone I photographed yesterday is now well an truly buried in the wall but if you click on the picture you may be able to see the strings stretched between the profile (the wooden frame) and the wall. The bar at the bottom of the profile is 900mm and the top one 450mm with about 4′ between them. This seems to be a pretty standard shape for a wall in these parts. Not wanting to keep Ron away from his work I shot off to my own secret rock pile for a trailer load then headed home to deposit them in a bog by Jamie Lea’s gate. This is not as barmy as it sounds as the pigs tend to turn the area around gates into a black smelly porridge and a well placed load of rock or two firms things up nicely. Whilst I deposited and leveled the rock mrs C kept the fierce pig at bay.

Ringo’s on the pull

Whilst plonking away on my laptop before feeding this morning I saw our duck ‘Ringo’ out of the back window. This can only mean one thing as Ringo never move more than a few yards from his own patch (which is nowhere near the back window), what this means is that spring is here and Ringo is looking for a mate. Now being as how all his ducks have died over the last 6 years mainly of old age and the odd tumor then Ringo has been known to try it on with the hens and last year we had to shut him in the garden for a few weeks as he wouldn’t leave the poor chooks alone and he was brutal with them.

So far the hens have been keeping out of his way, or he’s not been able to find them!

And if he starts his nonsense again then it’s solitary in the garden for Ringo!

Painting the house

This is the only time of year to do it as there are no midges, I do it every couple of years as it’s easier and quicker to do it before the paint starts flaking off. I’ve tried many makes of paint and brushes but by far the best method I’ve found is a BIG FLUFFY roller and Dulux paint. It rolls on quickly with no splashing, great coverage and keeps it’s colour. I did the whole house apart from one gable end and the chimneys in the afternoon using about 6lts of paint. It would have lasted 3 or 4 more years but then would have taken me 2 whole days and I’d have needed 15lts of paint and I’m all for the easy life. With the house painted and the Dude home from school it was time for another thing that’s best done before the midge appears, a barbecue.

After which we set off in search of the elusive bunny, returning empty handed yet again but this time due to our noisy escort of 5 pigs that followed us all the way to North Arnish and back!

All in all the rabbits had a very lucky day!

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