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April 15, 2008

Not a happy bunny

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I’m always in a good mood on a Tuesday, well the Tuesday I finish my shift on the ferry that is and today was no exception. Aided by the good weather and good forecast I was positively beaming, even the flat tyre on my land rover didn’t dampen my spirits at 6:30 when I set off for work. I just blew it up quickly with a diving cylinder and went on my way down ‘Calum’s road’ thinking I’d deal with it later and mentally crossing my fingers hoping it would get me to work as I’d no spare, having taken it off the bonnet so mrs C could see over it! I’d only got as far as Brochel castle when I stopped to take a picture of the sunrise over the Applecross peninsula which brings me to the reason for my glumness. It’s been a fantastic day I took loads of pics and the card in my camera won’t release the pictures! it took them just fine and when it was full I took it out and took a few more but now it’s just showing a card error message and I’m severely dischuffed (a Yorkshire word not recognised by an American spellcheck). Of course these were the best Photo’s I’ve ever taken of Rons wall, azure seas, firey sunrise’s, space age hen huts and digger action at the ‘Raasay village hall’! To be honest It’s hardly surprising as I did put the card through the washing machine in my trousers last week though it did work OK for a few days after so I should have known better. Anyway without my pictures I’m pretty stuffed as I just tend to talk rubbish without something to focus on.

A day without pictures (mainly)

Well I did make it down the road to work without any mishap and had a very busy morning finishing off a painting job I’d started and checking the water pump bearings on one of the ‘Lister HRW6’ generators. At lunch I went to see Rons wall and took a great picture of a massive rock he’d put in it’s foundations, also went to check out the penthouse hen house which now has a designer staircase from Canada, all which will become clear when I take some more photo’s of it tomorrow. Then I filled my trailer with rock from a secret location, I was also given 4 large pallets by someone who shall remain nameless for fear of me having to pay the dreaded ‘pallet tax’ a wooden version of ‘aggregate tax’ which probably makes no sense at all to the vast majority of readers (see I told you I talk rubbish without the pic’s) The afternoon on the ferry was pretty quiet and I got all my tasks finished, paperwork completed and tidied up ready for the next shift. We even took the ‘Loch Striven’ on a wee jaunt just before the last sailing to check out the mooring bouy and have a look at the harbour site.

Basically the harbour wall will be between the rock on the right and the perch on the left. I think you can click on the image to enlarge.

Once the last sailing was done, the boat tied up for the night then we went up to the store and had a can of beer whilst I admired my new pallets!

The concrete structures in the background being the remains of Raasay’s iron ore mine workings from the early 1900s, after my single can of very weak beer I drove home into the sunset.

Actually that was yesterdays sunset!

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