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April 14, 2008

A good day for clam diving!

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It’s been a bonny day here despite pouring with rain through the night. It was an uneventful drive down ‘Calum’s road’ this morning which is in itself unusual as I usually see something of interest, but today not even a rabbit or solitary deer. The ferry was really busy in the morning with a couple of big tipper lorries coming in to help move the ‘mountain’ in front of the village hall so the morning whizzed by. At lunch I went to check on the ‘Flying dutchman’s’ wall.

As you can see Ron’s progress has been spectacular since Friday

Here’s a view from the end and you can see one of the ‘through stones’ that are placed at regular intervals to tie the wall together.

Diving and ships logs

Seeing Dave Oaks, Sconsers resident clam diver tied up to the green bouy north of the pier and being how it was such a nice day I started reminiscing about my clam diving days. So after finishing my days labour on the ferry I rushed home to dig out my old log books. The drive home was much more of a wildlife safari than the trip into work. I saw a pair of buzzards, two stags, a sea eagle and quite a few rabbits though the rabbits were always in the wrong place to get a clear shot with the Dude’s ‘Crossman king ratcatcher’. I usually have this nice wee air rifle of my boys handy as it’s great for bunnies at anything below 25yds but today I never even squeezed the trigger. Anyway once home I dug out my old log books and Willy Eyre’s little red books. I should just explain here that Willy (of hen house and pollytunnel fame) was my skipper for years and kept copious notes of all my dives.

16th April 1988

20 years ago I was diving in Brochel bay on the east side of Raasay from my then boat ‘Pugwash’ a 14′ dory with a 55hp Yamaha outboard. The visibility was good and I got a big bag of scallops, also did a couple of dives around Scalpay on the same day.

Friday 9th April 1999

We were based at the wee pier on Raasay today and this would have been on the MV ‘Conqueror’ my 24′ Tamar 2000 that I salvaged from 18m a couple of years earlier. Started off with a dive at the ’18th hole’ an area east of Braes so called because of the number of golf balls that I used to find there. After the dive we went back to the berth at the wee pier to charge my diving cylinder. At least you could walk away from the compressor if you were tied along side. 2 hours later we were back at the 18th hole, I used to do 3 dives a day with 2 hours between each dive 6 days a week, it’s no wonder I’m deaf and have stiff joints!. The last dive of the day was at ‘Accapulco’ the cliffs on the point at Braes and it says in my log that I did very well.

Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th April 2001

A pretty good couple of days over at Holm Island off Skye so we must have been working out of Loch Arnish on Raasay just below our house.

These are some of Willies notes from his ‘little red books’ and are packed with dates, times, tides, scallops and anything of relevance.

And this is a pic of Holm island taken from the ‘Conqueror’

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