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April 13, 2008

A morning with the Volvos

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As I say every Sunday I’m working ‘I love Sundays’, don’t start until 9:15, only a couple of sailings, a huge fried breakfast and a leisurely afternoon doing maintinance and the odd drill. As I don’t set off for work until  later it gives me chance to feed the pigs and get a good look at them, there’s still no sign of Jamie Lea dropping her piglets but they all looked lovely in the early morning sun and as usual the drive down ‘Calum’s road’ to work was spectacular with the wheatears and lapwings full of the joys of spring. Today (after the first sailing and THE BIG BREAKFAST) it was time for a 500 hour service on the main engines. Two ‘Volvo TAMD 121C’ 6cyl and just under 300hp, the 500h service is only oil + filters and Tighten up the Vee belts. The hardest job being to pump out the 10 gallons of old oil from each engine into the waste oil tank.

This is the left hand side (if it were in your car!) of the forward engine.

And this is the right hand side of the same engine, the two white things are the oil filters which hold about as much oil as mrs Cs car!

That took me up until 1:30 which just gave me time to wash the ‘old girl’ (the landrover not the ferry) and then have a wee sleep before the 4:00 sailing. This ‘wee sleep’ is a recent phenomenon and must be something to do with old age because I never used to do it in the past. In fact reading my old diaries I can’t believe what I used to fit in in a day.

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