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April 11, 2008

A quick day in pictures

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Today we had the 2nd frost of the winter here at Arnish, well only the 2nd time there’s been any ice on my windscreen since last winter and it was a bit of a surprise. It was a lovely day though and all the animals were up early waiting to be fed. I can usually sneak off to work unnoticed but today there was no chance. The ‘Old spots’ were grunting the Tamworths were having a bit of a scrap (more noise than substance) the hens were halfway down the drive and the wee Tamworths who usually have to be dragged out of bed were busy trotting up the road to the house!

No unautherised pigs

No unauthorized pigs

Once down the road and just past the youth hostel I saw the ‘stag party’ for the first time in a week. there was about half a dozen of them and they all appeared to have their antlers, most of them were on the left hand side of the road but these two chaps on the right seemed totally non plussed by my presence

The ‘stag party’

I couldn’t make my mind up which picture to post so here’s two. The morning at work flew by due to the good mood everyone was in because of the weather and I started a wee painting project which helped the day along.

The old ‘Loch Sriven’ looks lovely and Glamiag looks like it’s about to erupt. At lunch I went to check progress on Rons wall, which was quite remarkable.

This is him just pouring smaller stones in as infill. I then hopped over the road to see ‘Grumpy digger driver’ putting the finishing touches to the ‘Raasay village hall’ septic tank.

Mrs C says to me “I’ve yet to see him grumpy”, to which I replies “well he’s grumpy with me”. “that’s probably cos you keep following him round with a camera ” she says!

Anyway ‘Happy digger driver’ meanwhile was busy moving the mountain with John Archie.

I filled my trailer with rock ( but not from here ) passed the afternoon painting then drove home to a beautiful sunset and the sight of the first wheatear ( a bird with a white rear ) which usually precedes the cuckoo up here by a couple of weeks. At the north end of Raasay the wheatear seems to be the cuckoo’s ‘foster parent’ of choice.

And when I got to the end of ‘Calum’s road’ my wee darlings were waiting for me ( believe it or not there’s some pigs in this shot )

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