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April 10, 2008

A very rocky day

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It was so nice today that even Sconser looked good! No offence to Sconser and it’s inhabitants intended and I mean it in a most lighthearted way it’s just that whenever I’m there it’s usually raining or blowing a gale or I’m sleeping in the car park because I’ve missed the ferry. Today however it looked positively Alpine in the morning sun. OK they don’t have many boats in the Alps but Glamaig looked magnificent.

As did ‘Patersons’ lorry with a load of scaffolding for Raasay house, it is a sad indication of how exciting my life is when I’m impressed by  a load of scaffolding planks! As the lorry passed by on the car deck I just saw pig arcs, bridges and fences! Even more exciting was the big 4×4 Mercedes lorry carrying 7 new 10m long hydro poles, I just stood on the top deck sniffing the creosote and was so overcome that i forgot to take a photo!

Another fine wall

With the amount of traffic and the good weather the morning just flew by so I rushed off to check out the ‘Raasay village hall’ as there’s been allot going on there of late. My mate who we shall call Ron ( the ‘ Flying Dutchman ) who’s name has been changed to protect the innocent was busy re aligning a dry stone wall opposite the entrance to the new village hall. The old wall follows the road around a bend and Ron ( not his real name ) was busy moving it back several feet to enable people to see traffic better.

I took this yesterday and the traffic cone marks the old wall which is right on the edge of the road. It’s new course is about 3m back from this point.

This is the wall today with it’s huge foundation stones in position and you can see how far it is from the road now. The frame is used as a guide with strings stretched between it and the old wall. Whilst Ron was busy doing this ‘Happy digger driver’ and John Archie were busy moving the mountain of rock from in front of the hall.

I’m no expert but it looks like a few thousand tons has been removed ( none of it by me I hasten to add for the person who doesn’t read my blog properly, to be honest I’m flattered that anyone reads it! ) Pretty soon at this rate the Raasay hall is going to have a view to die for. After this I went to load up my trailer with rock from somewhere else and check out the tree surgeons who were busy carving a path for the new road to the harbour.

Now me I’m a great tree fan, I love trees, I’ve probably planted as many as I’ve cut down but the cr4p and lengths that planners go to to preserve half dead rotten trees never ceases to amaze me! and the Raasay harbour project has been no exception to this madness. ‘You can’t dig a hole there it might disturb those tree roots’!!! ‘ you must take the road this way because of those trees’ !!!! c’mon guys it’s a tree just plant some more.

Anyway sorry about the wee rant, I just loaded up with rock from a secret location to avoid ‘aggregate tax’ on the extention to my car park!

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