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April 9, 2008

A road to the harbour and an antler for Fish!

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Well it was back to the ‘Loch Striven’ today for my weeks stint on the ferry and to be honest I was looking forward to getting back after the crappy weather of late. At least when at work I can find somewhere nice and warm to paint. As it happened it was a right bonny day and I’d much rather have been at home with wife and pigs but that’s life. The first thing of note that happened today was finding this antler in the middle of the road just at a spot where deer often jump onto the road from a bank. In fact I’ve had a few near misses at this very spot.

It was from a fine beast probably one of the ones I regularly see and photograph near the youth hostel. As you can see from the fresh blood it probably fell off when the beast jumped off the bank and I’m gonna post it to my mate ‘Fish’ who makes fine Knives from them.

Here’s a fine one he made for the Dude last year and as soon as I hear from him I’ll post a link to his web site, I’ve also got a porpoise jaw bone for him and some more antlers so if you fancy a nice wee handmade knife from a Raasay stag or porpoise then Fish is your man.

The harbour so far

There’s been allot of activity down the harbour site today with electricians wiring up power supplies for the caravans. Timber contractors felling some trees for the new access road

The center of the road follows the pegs with the red dots up past that yellow machine, I think if you click on the image it will enlarge it. ‘Grumpy digger driver’ was doing what he does best (apart from giving me dogs abuse) and that was moving tons of rock from one place to another though he did stop for long enough to give me a ‘wave’

The space age hen house

After checking out the harbour filling up my trailer with rocks I just had time to have a quick look at Willy’s space age hen house.

This is the nesting box arrangement and rain water harvesting system (just click on image to enlarge) and apart from getting delayed on the way home by this magnificent sunset that was about it for my first day back at work!

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