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April 8, 2008

Whatever happened to common sense?

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It’s been another cold showery day, after last nights gentle evening I was expecting better things from today. The Dude went back to school and I spent the morning plonking away on here as I couldn’t face going outside other than to feed the animals. However by lunch time it was looking a bit more promising so mrs C and I went out to collect wood and bedding. Though when we went to get the trailer someone had laid an egg in it!

This will be the third time this week, we go through bouts of this when one of the chooks start laying out it’s always a bit of a challenge to find out where before the crows do. We set off and filled the trailer with logs 

and rushes after which Shona helped us change the beds, then I got stuck into sawing and splitting. Placing an old fish cage float with the top cut off to catch the wood shavings to use as bedding for the chooks.

These grey fish cage floats that get washed up with great regularity are treasure indeed, I’ve used them for hen houses, turbine house, water tanks, acid baths, coal bunkers and waterproof liners for the back of a van. It will be sad day indeed when the last steel fish cage finally dies, the trend now seems to be plastic ones which don’t require floats and aren’t as prone to breaking up. Still the plastic ones have there uses also!!

I was talking to my mate last night who owns the

and has spent a small fortune turning it into a very desirable holiday let, he tells me he’s struggling getting his building warrant because there are no wheelchair ramps and he’s going to have to get some made before he can get the warrant!!!! Now as this building is a mile down a dirt track and accessible only by foot or quad and as far as I’m aware there are as yet no 4×4 wheel chairs then what is the point of having wheelchair ramps?  I was in Italy a couple of years ago and they have all the same rules yet there are plenty of holiday cottages perched on mountainsides and cliff tops with no wheelchair ramps. Women still roll pasta on their legs and meat and fish are still sold in open markets. As far as I’m aware the Italians are not dropping like flies through food poisoning despite the hotter weather and people in wheelchairs unlike building inspectors use their common sense.

A hectic social life

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As with most things here our social life is all or nothing, on Sunday we had our neighbour round for dinner and 3 weary travelers destined for the island of Fladda. Monday it was our turn to go out and be wined and dined at the ‘old schoolhouse’ about a mile along the track at Torran. It wasn’t exactly a ‘Harris Hydro’ launch party but at least we knew the trusty Lister would not be starting up halfway through dinner now that the water turbine was up and running. After the recent snow showers, biting north wind and cold it was actually a bonny evening. The wind had died away to nothing just leaving the sound of the waves crashing all around the rocky shore of  Loch Arnish, a sound peculiar to the motion that sometimes precedes and always lingers on after a good blast of north wind. With all other directions of wind the sea flattens out just as soon as the wind dies away but with north wind the motion and noise can last for days, stirring up the sea and sometimes throwing huge waves up from nowhere and it was with this pleasant crashing in our ears and the lowering sun to the west that we wandered along to Torran around 6:30.

There can’t be many places with a view like this in the evening

and the tiny spec in the center is the Portree life boat out for it’s Monday evening exercise

and this was it just before the sun (and oysters) went down. I love most things from the sea and don’t mind oysters but think they are somewhat over rated but weather it was the freshness or the surroundings I can’t say but these locally grown ones were divine. Much to my surprise and amusement the Dude even tried one

though he was not impressed. Anyway we went on to have some local roast lamb and rather allot of wine which made the walk home interesting to say the least.

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