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April 5, 2008

Could tonight be the night?

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I dunno if I can keep this blogging business up for much longer, this 31.2 kbps makes it a 2 hour job at least, add to that half an hour for the number of times the connection gets dropped for no reason and I’ve to restart ‘Lister’ ( my laptop ) to get the modem to pick it up again and that’s half my evening gone. The final straw has to go to ‘WordPress’ though. Just like the local supermarket that moves everything just as you got used to it, apologizes for the inconvenience but assures you it’s for your benefit and enhanced shopping experience, ( nothing to do with them trying to pry more money out of you ) well ‘WordPress’ have gone and done the same to their site so now I’m toiling with my photo uploads. As if it didn’t take long enough before now I can’t upload directly from my laptop to the post, I get a big red message telling me my image is unsuitable and now I’ve got to put it in my gallery and link to it ( another couple of minuets at least and it’s driving me NUTZ ) Quite why all my photos should suddenly become unsuitable is beyond me but the last time I had a problem with my site it was off 2 days cos they kept altering my password!

Spring at last (aye that’ll be right)

Well after yesterdays sun and bird song today was a return to winter if ever there was one. It’s been snowing or hailing on and off all day.

The first job of the day was to go over to Torran and lay the 100m of 16mm sq SWA (steel wire armoured) cable from the ‘Harris’ turbine to the battery shed.

cable reel

Making a cradle up from 2 trestles, a couple of planks and a length of scaffolding pipe we pulled the cable down towards the turbine.

Then pulled the rest of the cable off the drum ready for burying

Though we did have to cut a way under the stone flags to run the cable at which point we had to leave the job and head up to North Arnish on a mission to sort out my neighbours newt problem.

Mice, frogs and yet another newt

Once up at North Arnish

and I hasten to add this is an old photo as today it was a blizzard when we were up there and the ruin you see was once a post office so as you see nothing new about closing rural post offices! Anyway once up there we set about removing the dead mouse from the supply pipe to the now empty tank, cleaning the tank and removing yet another newt. With the tank now clean I went to remove the piece of wood from the end of it’s supply that I’d just fitted to stop the tank filling whilst I cleaned it, only to find a frog had taken up residence below it! though it now has a filter on the end of the feed pipe and on the outlet pipe so that should put an end to the various creatures diong the half mile water shoot into my neighbours header tank and I’ve even put a filter on that just in case! To be honest that was about it for the day as it was so cold that I just kept going in the house for a warm as I’m such a wimp! Mrs C boldly had a go digging a ditch but gave up after an hour or so and I did a bit of work on my rear axle. Which was when I heard the strange noises from Jamie Lea’s ark, she was busy making a nest so could this mean that we could have piglets by the morning?

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