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April 3, 2008

Some days you just can’t get going!

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The planets mustn’t be lined up or something today. It’s been a fine spring day but I’ve just not been able to get my teeth into anything, after doing the feeding and checking once again to see if Jamie Lea had had her piglets (which she hadn’t) I got stuck into a bit of fence and gate repairing but quickly lost interest. My next attempt at doing something productive centered on the new raised bed in our garden and filling it with all things organic.

filling track

Mrs C had already put quite allot of hen and pig manure in there mixed with some peaty soil. I then added 7 bags of seaweed and some more soil before loosing enthusiasm and turning my attention to the pigs. They at least had the right idea, it’s a nice day after weeks of rain so why not just chill in the sun!

jl in sung in sun

Once I’d had a wee chat with them all and scratched their tummies the mail arrived and with it some exciting things. The first being my new tax disc (which explains where this months wages went), thinking I might be more upbeat about the day if I fitted it I went to stick it the windscreen of my pride and joy, and promptly managed to smash the window!!!

tax disc

Quite how I did this is still a mystery but I managed to convince myself that it needed changing anyway as it was full of scratches and the rubber was perished. Now this episode indicates the flatness of my mood as normally I’d be wailing and stamping my feet at such a disaster on my ‘old girl’. Thinking that I might feel better if I opened the new rear axle bearings that postie had just delivered I set about the package with a knife.

‘Britpart’ ‘Cr4part’

I should have known better! the bearings that arrived were ‘Britpart’ quality replacement parts and looked like they’d been made in China from recycled bean tins. Now I have the receipt for every part fitted to my baby in the last 16 years ( and that’s allot of parts ) with the exception of the rear springs every ‘Britpart’ item has failed, usually after 13 months. Door lock, UJs, propshaft, swivel gaiters, rear wiper motor (3 times), clutch master cyl, ( 7 weeks ), hand brake shoes, rear wheel cylinders, steering shaft joints, etc, etc, I phoned up the supplier who were happy to change them but then I suppose that’s why they’re £8.99 and not £30 like the genuine ‘Timken’ ones.

Tuesday 3rd April 1990

A cold showery day with north wind and the odd flurry of snow. I’d hired a petrol engined cultivator and was busy trying to get it running right as the fuel tank was full of dirt! Once I’d sorted it i spent the next 2 days rotovating. Though by the 5th April the place was s swamp again and I had to give up (sounds familiar)

Friday 3rd April 1992

It had been a busy week fishing wise. I’d managed to get all my new gear out though I don’t say how much that actually was. Somehow I’d snapped the timing belt on the ‘Sylvia Jean’ whilst trying to sort out the drive belt for the hydraulic hauler. Luckily it was easy enough to replace and had done no damage though I’d lost a days fishing. The hydraulic creel hauler that ‘DM Macleod’ had made me was now working so well I’d snapped one of my prawn creel back ropes! But todays highlight of the week was the first lobster of the year!

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