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March 31, 2008

A pretty good job (considering)

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Been a proper peachy day today and I made it back to the old ‘Loch Striven’ after my bout of flu, I’ve ceased calling it ‘man flu’ cos now mrs C has it. Admittedly she’s not moaning and groaning like I was, she’s still managing to cook for me and she made this splendid job of Shona’s temporary house.

shona’s house

Now compared to how it looked in yesterdays post and considering that I couldn’t even lift the kettle when I had the flu, then I think she’s done OK. In fact top marks I’d say. I have a tremendous respect for the ‘fairer sex’, I’ll never understand them because they’re wired up differently but their resiliance  and fortitude never cease to amaze me.

Back to work

Having a phenomanaly accurate body clock means this mucking with the time twice a year really messes me up even so I love it when the clocks go forward as it really feel like spring is here. It’s just one of the years little milestones that I look forward to like the cuckoo that should be here in a couple of weeks or so.

silver sea at quarry

The day passed pretty quickly on the ferry and I managed to get out at lunch and check out what ‘grumpy digger driver’ was up to.

dumper and caravan

He looked like he’d been busy moving caravans to the site he’d leveled for ‘Balfour Beatty’ to house the harbour workers.

vans on site

I think he knew I was coming and hid so I went off and filled my trailer up with rocks for my car park extension. I did do other things like check out the space age hen house and arrange an exciting trip for the Dude and I on Wednesday but I really must go and spend some quality time with the saint that is my wife.

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  1. What stunning photographs! I wish we lived closer to the ocean and the mountains. Southwest Georgia is a far cry from such photo-ops. Scottish heather is for sale in the local shops this month and I thought of this blog. I couldn’t help but wonder if it is common on your island.

    I love heather. I have a few sachets (I’ll take some pictures and post them if you would like) which were brought back from Edinburgh. I treasure them — the scent has faded but is still there. I keep the sachets in a stack of linens reserved for very special guests.

    Blessings and thanks for your lovely “without wax” comment!


    Comment by Razor Family Farms — April 1, 2008 @ 1:48 am

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