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March 25, 2008

Preparing the maternity ward

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A day fitting of spring at last, since the first day of spring we’ve had nothing but cold north wind and snow or hail showers. Well today it was all changed, the wind was still from the north but with very little attitude, so it’s been pretty hectic trying to get things ready for the new arrivals expected on sunday as well as all the normal stuff I do before going back to join ‘Loch Striven’ for the week. The first job being to stock up with bedding whilst it was dry. We use rushes as bedding as getting large bales of straw is a pain and we’ve nowhere to store them. The rushes work well as we cut them and store them in our wee livestock tailer on a couple of pallets and even if wet they soon dry out as we can lower the sides of the trailer and let the wind through. I would recommend one of these multi purpose trailers to any body with a small holding. It’s all galvanized steel with an alluminium floor so is very easy to clean. The roof and sides lift off and it will take a Quad. It has no brakes to seize up, lovely wide tyres to stop it sinking in the mud. We use it as a temporary arc, bedding store and have even used the roof as a sun shade for small pigs. We got ours from W D Macrae of Black Park farm Inverness but they’re made by CLH trailers of Carmarthan in Wales.

trailer with beddingtrailer with pig

A resumption of hostilities 

Once everyone one organized we all set off down ‘Calum’s road’ in search of some nice big clumps of rushes to attack with the brush cutter. Barely a mile down the road we saw the huge Vangaurd class submarine that we had been throwing stones at yesterday had come back for a fight so we abandoned our trailer and set off to meet it.

sub 1 sub 2

But by the time we’d got down to the shore he’d lost his nerve and headed off to Applecross so we had to content ourselves with bombarding a large stick. His 16 Tridents and 4 torpedo tubes were obviously no match for our nice round pebbles! Having sent the stick and the submarine off in fear of their lives we returned to our bedding mission and once the trailer was full

filling trailer2

we all went home for a snack after which mrs C the Dude and his pals went to do more interesting stuff and I got on with getting the ‘5 gate field’ and it’s insulated arc ready for Jamie Lea and her impending piglets. The arc and the field have been fallow for almost 3 months but you’d not believe it as it’s been so wet that it’s never really recovered. Still with a bit of help

chooks in arc

I got the arc spick and span and the bedding nicely checked for ticks!  Once that was done I set about turning and area of swamp near the gate to ‘hard standing’ by depositing several trailer loads of rock there.

slave labour

hard standing

And you thought ‘Primark’ were bad for using child labour! by the time we’d done all this it was feeding time and an ideal moment to move hungry pigs to their new lodgings. Which we did with no drama whatsoever.

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