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March 24, 2008

A very indecisive day

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Neither the weather our yours truly could come to any decision as to what to do today. After getting up early, plonking away on my laptop waiting for daylight. Then having a conversation with the Dude about life, the universe and everything ( for one who is only 8 he has some pearls of wisdom) I looked out the kitchen window to see our chooks bathed in early morning sunlight. Taking this as a cue to go feeding I put on my overalls, boots and woolly hat and was confronted by this!

cold morn 240308

In the space of a few minuets it had gone from a bonny day to a blizzard, seeing blue sky not far behind

cold morn 240308 2

I hung on 5 mins and waited for it to pass and this was pretty much the pattern for the day. As soon as I set about doing something outside the north wind would drive a hail or snow shower down from the arctic sending me scurrying for shelter. Writing off any serious work we all got wrapped up and went down to the pebble beach at Screapadale on Raasay’s eastern shore to throw stones into the sea. The stones on this particular beach are perfect for throwing and the sea was just perfect for jumping in.

shower @ scraep 1shower @ scraep 2

Though when we arrived there it was just in time for another shower

on the beach

Fortunately that one did not last too long so after a few rounds of I SPY in the landrover we ventured forth and started throwing stones at a passing nuclear submarine though I don’t think they noticed! after our wee adventure a spot of wood cutting and lunch the boys went over to Torran and I started on an indoor project.

Landrover rear discs

As you may know my projects never quite go as planned, like the new bath that’s been sitting in the garden shed for 3 years, the kitchen sink that has been keeping it company since christmas (sorry mum) and the landrover rear axle that’s been sat in my workshop since december 2006!. The trouble is I just hate being inside, I love our wee house I just don’t like being inside it during the hours of daylight and the same goes for my small well equipped workshop. Considering how much it rains here and how much I dislike getting wet I really have no Idea how I manage to spend so much time outside but today seemed like the perfect day for getting on with my axle. I bought this axle off ebay a couple of years ago with the intention of converting it to rear discs and fitting an ARB air locking diff. Then once all this was done I could just swap the axles over during a day. It would take anyone else about 2 hours but I’m prone to becoming side tracked. Over the past 18 months I’ve managed to siphon funds from various other projects and have eventually acquired most of the expensive bits and tools needed for the job. If your interested in how to convert a landrover Salisbury axle from drum to disc then there’s an excellent thread here

Though I had to use 7mm steel plate and not 6mm like Jim.

The first thing I did was cut the big 7mm thick washer that DM Macleod Engineering of Raasay had made for me into 4, this was to go behind the caliper brackets I’d got off ebay to put the caliper in correct allignment with the disc (just check link for details).

caliper 1caliper 2caliper 3

I then drilled holes in the plates to match the ones in the caliper brackets , bolted it all up and was well impressed with the result, perfectly aligned and true calipers and discs.

caliper 4

Next stage was to fit stainless steel pistons to the brake calipers as I intend keeping the ‘old girl’ for many years. It was easy enough to pop out the old pistons with compressed air but I then found the new ones were too small!

caliper 5

So the jobs stopped again for a while at least.

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