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March 23, 2008

Mr Lister’s easter trip

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It’s only 6:45pm I’m wrecked and that’s without starting on captain Morgan!


The fine bottle of spiced rum that was given me today by mr Lister’s new owner. It’s just been a very physical kind of day. The first job being to get the cast iron lump that is an SR2 6kw Lister generator ready for it’s last leg of the 11 mile journey from the south end of Raasay and along the rough track to Torran. I started by lightening the trailer by removing the heavy pallets. The batteries, pinch bars and rollers were then lashed to the front of my mates Yamaha quad that was going to be doing the work, whilst not as powerful as my Honda it’s got new tyres and traction is all on this job so the tyre pressures were dropped to about 3 or 4 psi to assist even further. You would not believe how effective this can be off road but you do risk unseating the tyre off the rim. Extra ratchet straps were added to the genny, the electrics covered due to the frequent heavy hail showers and that was us ready.

dad n dude with torran sr2

It was just a case of waiting for the rest of the team to arrive so I got on with trying to evict our three large Tamworths out of their tiny muddy tin hut and into their very shiek drystone ruin which is about twice the size on rock and not in the middle of a swamp like their present abode. They were staying in it for a while but I suspect it was a bit draughty so I cleaned it out put in fresh bedding and lined it to stop the wind howling through the stonework. In they went, checked it out, made their nests and settled down. The following morning I went to feed them and there they were back in their tin shack in swampsville! So today I put some more lining in made the opening smaller and put more bedding in. Then as soon as they vacated their muddy shack after their morning snooze I screwed a pallet across the door! (that’ll show ’em who’s boss).

Lister SR2, ST2, baseplate dimensions

Once that was done and I’d split some more logs for the fire I made up a template for the base of the generator. These gennies are meant to be bolted down SOLID to at least a ton of concrete, A RAILWAY SLEEPER will not do rubber mounts are a no no and a few bits of angle iron won’t do it either. They have to be SOLID, any vibration will work harden the copper in the wiring and it will eventually fail. OK I’m sure there are plenty out there working just fine sat on ford transit engine mounts or hydro pole 2×2 galvanized angle but I’m assuming you want a Lister for the decades of trouble free service it will give. If you want something, quiet and light then look elsewhere.

lister base

I’ve done quite a few of these bases and the best way is to anchor the gennie using long lengths of M12 bar bent at right angles a couple of inches from the bottom. the dimensions of the front 4 are crucial, there’s a bit of leaway at the back as the foot that sits under the altenator is slotted. If you have any doubt about your skill of getting this right then use 6 lengths of 40 mm soil pipe around your threaded bar, pull the pipe out after a couple of days before the concrete cures then once you’ve got your gennie sat on the studs pour some grout in the holes and let it cure. I’ve never tried chemical anchors or resins but I’m sure some of the specialist ones would be fine. Rawlplugs or mechanical fixings are a waste of time for this type of direct mounting they’re ok if you have a more modern rubber mounted genny on a separate frame (like Harry my HR2)

The easter trip

The Torran boys came up with their tow truck, a new ‘Quadzilla’ 300. The plan being that ‘zilla’ with it’s new tyres would go ahead and if necessary give me a pull up 1 or 2 0f the bad hills. I’ve taken 6 generators, 1 Rayburn a boat engine and god knows what else down this track and this or lots of rope and a ‘Tirfor’ is usually a must. However on this occaision either the gods were smiling on us or I’m getting good at it because it went like clockwork.

sr2 torran 1

That’s the back up vehicle ahead and that’s where we’re heading in the distance.

sr2 torran 2

Almost there without a hitch.

sr2 torran 3

Though there’s very little room for error and this is one of the bits where I actually dared to look! but we got there safely.

sr2 torran 4

And with a bit of ‘Big Willy’s’ muscle and a block and tackle we soon had it sitting on 3 pallets in the shed.

sr2 torran 5

Though it still needs it’s nice concrete bed making so it can hopefully thump away for the next few decades.

The easter stuff

Before any of this had happened I was as usual up with the larks and offered to make Dude his 2 palls and mrs C boiled egg an soldiers and they turned me down in favour of cereal and toast. I was not amused so refused to take part in the easter egg hunt and went off in a sulk. I hate all this chocolate easter egg pish, I mean what’s it all about? turning a piece of chocolate the size of a ‘Swan vesta’s’ box (can you still get them?) into a shoe box of tin foil and cellophane. I mean the Portree Co op is not exactly huge and I reckon there was an arctic full of easter eggs in it, 90% of which is fresh air!! and as if our kids aren’t overweight and hyperactive enough we fill them with this cr4p, c’mon guys give them a cadburys creme egg and a fiver instead. They’ll appreciate it more and you’ll be helping the planet. I’m only telling you cos mrs C just says “you’ve said it all before and I’m not listening” As you can tell I am the voice of authority in our household! Anyway it’s just taken me 2 1/2 hours to do this on my cr4ppy 31.2kbps dial up so I’m going to get stuck into captain Morgan.

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