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March 22, 2008

Moving mr Lister

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I was really not impressed with the 2nd day of spring when it greeted me this morning with it’s bitter north wind and a dusting of snow on mrs Cs car but UK Wind Map said it would improve so I wrapped up and went feeding.

tailing wains

Actually mrs C took that last night (she is not a morning person!) and I never got round to posting it and being how the BBC have been criticized of late for showing things (the queen) in the wrong order I thought I’d better just make that clear. Any way the bitter cold north wind and cloud did have one silver lining.

snowy storr

This magnificent view of the Storr from the end of our drive, which I see daily in all it’s moods and glory and never tire of. After eating some sausages made from wee Jack the ‘old spot’ I set about warming up with the chainsaw and axe splitting a couple of barrow loads of logs before going over to Skye to pick up a couple of the Dudes pals that were staying for easter. A couple of hours later we were back in Arnish with a trailer load of rock! Well soon as I was going south anyway I thought I might as well take the trailer and load it with rock whilst I had some helpers!

Mr lister goes north

Having got the we jobs out of the way and with the day improving it was time to embark on the serious business of moving an ‘SR2 Lister Start o matic’ from Suisnish to Torran.

johns sr2

This fine piece of 1960s British engineering was powering my mates caravan until the roof blew off and he had to move away so he sold it to another mate who has a house near me and yours truly volunteered to assist in it’s relocation. Having already moved it from Abriachan by Loch Ness to Arnish at the north end of Raasay then from Arnish to Suisnish a year or so ago then how could I not help after all it was like an old friend. Weighing in at over 450k moving one of these cast iron monsters can be tricky but I have moved several of them in the past to various out of the way locations and have developed some good techniques (which work just as well for Aga’s and Rayburn’s)

How to move a big lump of cast iron

Once all the mountings, exhaust, fuel lines and wiring is disconnected then get your trailer as near as possible. Then a good plank of wood is required and this should be screwed to the trailer with big wood screws. lift the genny (or Rayburn) with a pinch bar and slide short lengths of scaffolding bar under it then roll away, just keep moving them from the back to the front as you push the genny, 4 will do but the more the merrier. You will be amazed how easily it rolls SO BE CAREFUL.

ewan genny

Though it does help if you have ‘Big Willy’ at hand for the uphill bits!

Big Willy and genny

Once in the back of the trailer we screwed it down to the base with big screws and lashed it with ratchet straps to be on the safe side. The pallets will be required for unloading at Torran.

genny ready to go

Once secured I drove very slowly north up ‘Calum’s road’ and then hitched it onto the quad and parked it in my workshop ready for the really tricky final leg of it’s voyage to Torran tomorrow. For those not familiar it’s a steep narrow winding track passable only by a quad so watch this space! I’ve moved many things up and down this track including 4 cylinder diesel engines, large outboard motors, rayburns, several generators and a brand new BT cable laying tractor that got stuck half way so it could be interesting to say the least!

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