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March 19, 2008

Trees, tracks and a ‘hat trick’

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Well despite it being a magnificent day I managed to stay in bed until 7:00, which for me on a good day at this time of year is something of an achievement. Though the early rise yesterday and the several cans of beer last night did help. However as soon as I did get up I was rushing round like an idiot trying to get as much done as possible before the weather goes pear shaped tomorrow. The first job was to feed my pigs which as usual was a pleasure. The wee wains seemed to be thriving out on the hill and ‘Jamie Lea’ the ‘old spot’ who’s due to farrow next week was looking decidedly full.

A safe home for the fairies

The next task was to plant the 3 apple, 1 pear, 1 plum tree and most importantly the rowan tree. Last week I cut up a huge rowan tree that had been blown down by a gale and suspecting it had been planted when the house was built 150 years ago to ward off evil spirits I was very keen to plant a replacement. I’m not superstitious but this is a very happy house and I’m not taking any chances for the sake of £20. The ground had already been prepared with lots of seaweed so me and mrs C dug a nice hole the same size as the pot but slightly deeper. A good dollop of seaweed and rabbit/chicken bones was then put in the bottom, then some water and the tree. A good stake was then driven into the ground for support and I used some of the ‘Loch Strivens’ old fire hose to fasten the tree to the stake.

hens and chooks

Watched by the ‘old spots’ and assisted by the chooks.

Proper recycling

I’m not really into easing my concisions by recycling via the official channels as I think it’s a bit of a con. We have a lovely bottle bank on Raasay which is eventually filled then ends up as bottoming for roads, well I can do that myself and save them the bother, as far as the rest of the stuff goes I just try not to buy cr4p from halfway round the planet try not to use plastic carrier bags and try to find a good use for everything.

moving track 1

Like this digger track which is about to become a raised bed, when you think of the amount of carbon and effort that went into making it seems like a shame not to use it.

track 2

Though it did take allot of effort to get it into place!

track 3

But with a bit of head scratching some stockboard, a shovel and mrs Cs dad we managed. Now all we’ve got to do is fill it with soil and plant something in it. I can’t wait to get the next one! My next recycling project involved an old shower base, an inspection thingy from a drain and 2 of the ‘Loch Striven’s’ old emergency batteries. Batteries preform much better when warm (or at least not freezing) so I figured that this old fibre glass and foam shower tray would be an ideal base to keep my ‘new’ batteries off the cold ground, why it even has a drain hole. The plastic drain inspection hatch makes a perfect side and now I just have to find a lid!

6v batts

These batteries are half of the ferry’s 24v emergency bank which was replaced last week, the other half being u/s and it not being good practice to change odd batteries so I’m recycling them!

Jamie Oliver rocks

I’m not really a fan of the TV in fact I’d happily throw ours in the sea but mrs C and the Dude seem to like it so who am I to complain. I just sit in the kitchen on me laptop as mrs C points out when I start ranting about more cr4p from the US on the box. Each to his own I suppose anyway I can personally vouch for HFWs cooking skills and now I’m starting to warm to Jamie Oliver. Darling wife recently cooked a venison dish of his and it was mega, of course me being full of wine and on the brink of alzhiemers can’t remember what it was other than there were no left overs. Anyway tonight we had the 2 rabbits I shot recently with the Dudes ‘Ratcatcher’ and mrs C cooked them to one of his recipes that involved white wine, garlic and bread crumbs and it was the nicest rabbit dish I’ve ever tasted.

chop bunny cook bunny breadcrumb bunny eat bunny

Basically, chop bunny into 6, cook bunny in white wine and garlic with rosemary and other stuff, fry off in olive oil and bread crumbs then eat bunny. YUM YUM.

The hat trick

I almost forgot, the Dude scored 3 goals at football practice. Some father I am when I forget my boy has just scored 3 goals in a row!

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