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March 18, 2008

Too much to do!

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Half past 3:00!!!!, that’s what time I woke today and I couldn’t get back to sleep so got up at 4:30 and spent a bit of time on’t’puter. The day was good and the forecast good, it’s Tuesday so the last day on the Loch Striven before I start my ‘rest week’ (that’s a laugh). So as usual I was as high as a kite planning all the jobs I’m gonna do over the next 7 days. Planning in my vocabulary is a very loose term as I rarely do anything I ‘plan’ either getting swept along by events or becoming distracted and going off on a tangent. However since the mud bath that was our croft has dried out over the last week I feel some planting coming on and the conversion of the 10 ton rubber digger track into a raised bed. Mrs C has got 3 apple, 1 pear and a plum tree to plant in our deer proof enclosure and I’ve yet to decide where our new rowan tree is going. For those not following regular see Mrs C was in Portree last week and bought a replacement for ‘poor old rowan’ from ‘Skye shrubs’ to keep the witches away so all we have to do now is find somewhere to put it. Other things on the ‘to do’ list include dealing with 470m of 63mm water pipe, juggling pigs and converting a landrover rear axle from drum brakes to discs so it will be interesting to see what actually comes to pass by this time next week.

To work

Anyway off I went at the usual time and saw the usual bunch of stags though this time I photographed them with the camera that Richard from ‘Balfour Beaty’ had lent me to download the action photo’s taken yesterday of unloading the cabins for the harbour site offices. I figured I’d enough tiny images of brown splodges on my computer so I’d give him some for his! Once at work it was quite busy with all the various workers and their vans with the ‘cabin crew’ for BB turning up to put all the various things unloaded off the landing craft yesterday together.

cabin crew

OK it’s 2 guys in a white van, big deal you probably see hundreds of them every day but these 2 had come all the way from Motherwell, had just been hit with a £90 bill for the crossing and were still smiling so I thought they deserved a mention. Though to be honest they were probably only amused because some very sad person was taking photo’s of them! Once the morning was out of the way and it seemed like not a great deal was going to change down at the harbour today I thought I’d go and check out the space age hen house.

It came from outer space

Well at least that what it looks like

hen house 3

This is just one end of it, the other is already in position

hen house 4

To be honest I was quite impressed with the mk1 version

first hen house

But Willy is a bit of a perfectionist to say the least and all will become clear when it is fully assembled but I didn’t have time to hang around as I wanted to go and see Jock, Sandy and Iain who were just finishing off at the cemetry. Dunno if it’s a time of life thing but since I hit 50 a couple of years ago I seem to be getting a bit more interested in grave yards! and as these boys had been putting the finishing touches to a fine stone wall on the cemetry extension I wanted to check it out before they left and hear some more of their wisdom.

cemy wall fin

As you can see it’s a fine wall and whilst we were admiring it a white tailed sea eagle soared overhead

cemy sea eagle

and I know it’s a crap picture but just to give you some idea of the size, that’s one of a pair of  buzzards that was  hasseling it on the right! I’ve seen lot’s of these magnificent birds over the years and have even thrown fish in the sea to watch them pick them up in their tallons. They are MASSIVE with an adult female having a 6′ wingspan, huge and magnificent as they are they are constantly mobbed by seagulls, crows or buzzards though I get the impression that the sea eagle is just mildly irritated by them and could tear strips off them if it wished. Before I knew it lunch was over and it was back to work and the mad rush that is Tuesday afternoon and getting ready for the next shift. Before I knew it the day was done and the ‘Loch Striven’ tied up for the night awaiting the next morning and crew.

striven at rest

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