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March 7, 2008

One wall started and another almost finished

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Been a Pretty showery day on Raasay today, when it was nice it was nice and when it was not nice it was REALLY not nice with showers of rain and sleat that seemed to come out of nowhere, soak you to the skin and chill you to the marrow. Unusually for me I was still in bed at first light, the sound of the wind and rain lashing on our tin roof making me somewhat reluctant to leave it. Still the pigs needed to be fed and the bedding changed whatever the weather so up I got.  Our 7 1/2 acres of croft is now 7 1/2 acres of swamp and I trudged round it feeding 12 very muddy pigs. Once that was done another shower sent me running in for breakfast where I stayed until it was time to head south.

Raasays new harbour (one wall started)

Todays big excitement was the official start and cutting of the first turf at the harbour site. I know ‘grumpy digger driver’ has already done quite a bit of work but this is the official start (a bit like the queens birthday) with All the official people. It started at 11:00 and I had a wee job to do for Willy of ‘polytunnel’ fame first. He was needing me to transport some pipe for his next project ( a plastic hen run) watch this space.

hen run on landy

Once the pipe was unloaded I rushed off to the harbour site and got there just in time to see the workers getting ready.

kitting up

Several of which were getting very excited by this historic moment.


Once kitted up we all went off to the official bit of ground were the official turf was to be cut and the official workforce for the day (the entire Raasay primary school) got in on the act of assisting John Laing dig the first turf. I can’t remember Johns official title save he was or still is a very good councilor and as I’ve got a memory like a hen I can’t remember who anyone else was!! (some reporter I’d make!)

first turf

It all passed off very smoothly and Raasay’s biggest building project since the iron ore mine almost 100 years ago officially  got underway without a drop of rain falling.

Back to the cemetry (a wall almost finished)

Being as I was already down at the south end I thought I’d go and see how the magnificent wall for the graveyard extention was coming on.

jock and iain

Jock and Iain (please forgive me if I got the names wrong as not only have I a memory like a hen but I’m as deaf as a post too) were busy making the most of the dry spells between the showers but still had time to pass the time of day by telling me of some of there works on Skye, the lovely stone wall at Sleat from a couple of years ago and a nice wall at Strollamus from the 1970s. Must be nice to say I did that or have you grandchildren say ‘my grandad built that wall’. I wonder if the dude will be able to show his grandchildren anything I’ve done?

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