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March 6, 2008

Easily distracted

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Weather it’s the early onset of Alzhiemers or I’ve always been like this is hard to say but I rarely end up doing what I started out to do and today was quite typical in that respect. The day was good, plenty of wind for the turbines and no rain to accompany it so a perfect day for fencing. So after feeding the pigs I set about the fencing, well I set about emptying the bags of seaweed from the trailer then I could carry all the fencing materials nearer to the job. Took them round to the swamp which is our veg patch.

weed @ patch

So at least when the ground does dry out a bit they’ll be handy to get at. It was at this point that I got waylaid, seeing all the turfs lying in the garden from making the path last time I was off I thought I’d better move them before they grew into the lawn. Again this wasn’t quite so straight forward because I wanted to put them on the roof of Gingers house, as this involves unloading them into a wheelbarrow climbing a fence then traversing a bog I approached this task with less enthusiasm. Luckily (or unluckily) whilst reconnoitering safe passage across bog I slipped, fell got very muddy and hurt my leg, realizing that it was going to take me all day to lay stone across the bog and carry three trailer loads of turf I decided against it. This however still left me with the problem of where to put it.

hen turf 1
hen turf 2

Luckily I had some assistance and managed to do a bit of landscaping near my generator shed, of course whilst there I ended up clearing a drain and unblocking a culvert so It was after lunch when I finally got anywhere near the fence. Of course before I could get the quad there I had to cut down the odd tree and some rushes. The tree was in the way but the rushes!! well soon as I’d made such a neat job of the tree I thought I’d better improve the view out of the kitchen window by removing those unsightly rushes. I was begining to get the feeling that I really didn’t want to do this fencing job. Anyway I eventually made it round the back of the croft followed by the hens who always seem to work on the assumption that I’ll be turning over something tasty and after several hours hard labour I managed to get it sheep proof so that just leaves me to put brabed wire along the bottom to make it pig proof. To be honest I don’t think they’d bother trying to get under the fence unless food or nooky was involved as it far too much effort for a most laid back pig!!

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