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March 4, 2008

Not for vegetarians or teetotalers

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It takes allot to get me down on a Tuesday, well the Tuesday I’m about to finish work as opposed to the Tuesday I’m about to start it that is. As today was said last day I was as high as a kite and full of the joys of spring. The day was good and getting better and I’d a whole week of concreting, fencing, road building or whatever to look forward to on my ‘rest week’ as it’s described in my contract of employment. I’d had a good week up the funnel and in other warm places and was just finishing off and getting all ready for the next crew.

It was a great sunny day until I discovered that the fridge I’d been keeping one of our pigs in since Thursday had died. It was making all the right noises it just wasn’t staying cold, it was cold when said pig went in but sometime between pig going in and pig coming out it had died. As poor Islay or Iona (I’m not sure who she was) was in 6 pieces and wrapped in polythene she was off. Had she been hanging in fresh air at this time of year she’d have been just fine but cooped up in polythene bags in a dud fridge she’d had it. Now I’ve killed many things over the years, deer, sheep, goats, rabbits, birds and more things than I can remember from the sea and apart from the odd crow I’ve butchered and eaten them all. I don’t like doing it but if you can’t do it or at least be prepared to do it then I don’t think you should eat it, I’ve tried the veggie thing for a couple of years because I don’t like doing it and it just don’t work for me. So am I on on a downer cos she was worth allot of money and I’ve been feeding her for 4 months and now she’s fish bait? No I’m really upset because she died in vain. The vast majority of meat what people eat doesn’t have much of a life and we try to give our pigs the best that’s possible and in return they provide us (or someone else) with the tastiest free range pork there is and now I feel like I’ve not kept my side of the bargain. So I’m now going to open a bottle of red wine and get pished! it wont fix the pig and it will give me a headache but that’s what I’m going to do anyway.

Other developments

The new head teacher for the primary school  came to visit today. The post has been vacant for almost a year, not because there have been no applicants but because there have not been enough applicants? Apparantly if one person applies for the job or even two you can’t give it to one of them. It does not matter how suitable or qualified they are you need at least three applicants!!

The world has gone mad!

As far as the harbour and the grumpy digger driver go, I couldn’t find him. Though I discovered later he was leveling a site for the caravans to house the workers, closely followed by an archeologist (no wonder he’s grumpy!) There was some activity going on in the bay with a wee boat doing soundings and this is the only pic I took all day as I was so upset by my wasted pig.

survey boat

Now this is probably the worst picture I’ve ever posted so I’ll look for something on my puter.

sunrise over kyle

Here’s one the dude took on the way to school in November, sunrise at Brochel.

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