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March 3, 2008

Jacks back

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Awoke to a pleasent surprise this morning, a dusting of snow. Now I hate snow but this was nice frosty thin snow that disappears without a trace when the sun comes up and I can live with that. The kind of snow that lets you take some nice pics then evaporates back to whence it came. Not the stuff that melts and turns to slush causing chaos on the roads and heaven forbid delaying the arrival of the daily papers! so after the usual ritual of coffee and ablutions I set off down ‘Calum’s road’

landrover @ glam3 hinds

Stopping briefly to take a photo looking towards Portree and 3 hinds near the youth hostel. The day just kept getting better which was contrary to the forecast and for some reason the ferry was unusually quiet for a Monday.

snowy glamaig 020308glamaig and doti 020308

The morning passed quickly enough and I made the most of it working outside whilst the weather was good as I’d spent most of the week buried in the engine room. Today was the day we were due to get the pigs back from the butcher and one of them (wee Jack) was for us. Sure enough when we arrived at 12:45 there they all were in their little boxes, the last time I’d seen them was a week ago and they were walking then.

big pig in a box

I sorted out ‘Big pig’, ‘pig’ and ‘little pig’ into there different cool boxes for the different customers and went for my lunch break. The first port of call being the harbour site to see how grumpy digger driver was getting on. The batching plant site had been leveled last week and now work was starting on widening the slipway to start bringing in the site offices in just over a weeks time. Just to make this project even more expensive they ( I’m not sure who ‘they’ are ) are insisting that everything is brought in by sea, fair enough for the plant and heavy equipment but a few portacabins!!!! what’s all that about? the world has gone mad.

digger @ slip

Now no one’s more environmental than me but the sooner the job’s started the sooner the jobs finished and nature can get on with healing the few scars, she’s pretty good at that! Anyway we have to leave some mess behind for tomorrows archaeologists. Just imagine how p****d we’d all be if Baird and co had had to return the iron ore mine back to a ‘green field’ site or Brochel castle had been refused planning permission because of the otters there!

Any way back to the rest of the day, it did turn a bit cold and showery like the forecast said but that didn’t stop me loading some rocks up off the beach for my path. I managed to get Jack in the fridge and freezer without shedding a tear. Mind you I couldn’t resist grilling a couple of his chops on the ferry so I didn’t actually feel that guilty until I saw his wee snout poking out from a polythene bag on our kitchen table!

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