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March 1, 2008

Seaweed and west coast porn

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Pretty wild during the night and a change of wind direction to the north brought a drop in temperature accompanied by a touch of sleet on the way to work. Though the days are lengthening and I even switched my lights off about halfway down the road, just another one of the years milestones like the sun coming in through the kitchen window, tying the ferry up and daylight and hearing the cuckoo. By the end of my next shift it will be light both ways and the following shift it will be BST and the summer timetable. I just hope it stops raining long enough to get some work done in the swamp that is our veg patch. With this in mind I planned to load up with seaweed at lunch time, but first of all the mornings sailings had to be done and as few people had ventured out with the storms of the previous days we were quite busy. However this made lunchtime come around all the quicker and when it did I was off like a shot. First stop being the village hall to check out some stone work I’d spotted there.

hall stones

more hall stones

The last few days I’d driven past I’d seen this young Polish chap busy filling these baskets in all weathers and with great care and he’d made a first class job of it. I did try talking to one of the workers but his English was about as good as my Polish though I did establish he’d worked on a fishing boat and he worked out I worked on the ferry ( though weather it was due to my communication skills or uniform I’m not sure ) anyway we parted the best of friends and I headed for the shore and some weed.


Once down on the shore with the ‘old girl’ I threw in a few hundred kilos of beach stones first as they’ll look lovely on my new car park extension. Then it was 16 0r so bags of weed for the garden, this at first can seem like a messy job but the weed leaves your hands feeling better than any moisturizer ( I know I’m such a wimp ). After which it was back to the ferry and a creamy salmon and broccoli sauce that mrs C had made last night just mixed into some fresh pasta ( I do like my grub ).

As everyone came back after lunch the ferry was pretty quiet and since ‘Screwfix’ have put their free delivery up to orders of over £100 the boys and I were busy putting an order together to save on the carriage. I’m sure they’ve lost out by doing this because I don’t order as much stuff through them and at one time there was a ‘Screwfix’ parcel or two every day in the mail or on the ‘Skye Express’ van. A friend of mine who travels the Clyde and west coast and spends much time in tea huts and mess rooms reckons that the ‘Screwfix’ catalog is west coast porn! he says you go to anywhere on the Clyde and the boys are buried into page three or some soft porn mag. You visit Raasay and the outer isles and everyones studying the ‘Screwfix’ book!! Never really seen the attraction myself preferring a more hands on approach. Though when I was 14 a mate and I stopped some pervert from sexually assaulting a girl, he was carrying a rolled up porn mag. Me and my mate got a commendation from the chief constable of Lancashire for our brave intervention (he was much older than us) This commendation stood me in good stead a year later when I was caught ‘breaking and entering’ into a factory and stole some rubber knickers!!! Well the window was open and those rubber knickers looked just fascinating to a 14 year old full of hormones. As I was repentant, returned the knickers and was of such good character I was let off and have never strayed from the righteous path since. Well apart from the two propellers off someones shipwreck but that’s another story.

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