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February 28, 2008

Down the harbour and up the funnel (again)

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I know it doesn’t sound very exciting but life on Raasay is sometimes quite ordinary, I’ll not say boring because (and my mother will probably disagree) I’ve never been bored in my entire life. Anyway as I have become a bit preoccupied with my funnel so to speak that’s where I spent most of the day.

glossy funnel

Armed with a 4″ roller a tin of gloss paint and a very light head!!! (must have been the fumes) despite having both doors open and the engine room fans running I was decidedly ‘happy’ so just like yesterday I went to check on progress of the new harbour. OK I went to check on progress of the site for the concrete mixing plant for the new harbour.

the first dig 1first dig 2

And can you believe it that man was making rude signs at me!! so I left, picking up this fine bit of treasure on the way back to the ferry.

fish float

Now to most people that’s just an old plastic fish cage float with a hole in it but I’ve made these and seen them made into hen houses, coal bunkers, gas bottle covers, turbine covers, acid baths, foot baths, boats and a multitude of other useful things so there was no way I was going to leave it on the beach.

As today was Thursday I phoned the butcher to make sure he’d received Jack and Iona (the largest and smallest of the 4 ‘old spots’ that I took to the abattoir on Monday. He’d got them and I left cutting instructions, feeling a wee bit sad but just dying to get one of Jacks wee chops under the grill on the ferry as it’s become a bit of a tradition. As soon as they arrive at Sconser we have a couple for lunch and my feelings of guilt vanish very quickly. We used to get them on Saturday but now they won’t be here until Monday for some reason. Still I’ll enjoy it all the more for the wait.

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