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February 27, 2008

A day up the funnel

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Well it’s been a helluva week wind wise, our wind turbine has been producing excess power for a week non stop. It started heating the radiators in the porch last Wednesday morning after I’d finished my shift at work and they were still on this morning when I went to start my next shift on the ‘Loch Striven’ and when you consider I had a cement mixer running all day Friday, the washing machine and tumble drier have been working overtime and mrs C has been baking and roasting in the electric oven that’s pretty good. Though by the time I’d got to the south end and the boats berth the wind had pretty much ceased though judging by the extra ropes holding her to the pier the previous crew had had a bit of a battering.

ropes and boat

Not only had the wind dropped so had the temperature so i went and found a nice warm dry corner to paint, well not so much of a corner more of a hole. The inside of the funnel/exhaust casing to be precise, though after about 10 mins of cleaning an scrubbing the 22years of soot and grime I had to start removing clothing.


Now that’s looking up the way and it’s allot dirtier than it looks! After cooking in the funnel casing all morning I could not get off the boat fast enough at lunchtime as I wanted to check out progress on the polytunnel and I just had to go and see work starting on the new harbour.

Let the work commence

Well it’s been a long time in coming but work at last started on the new harbour today or should I say work started on leveling the site for the concrete batching plant for the harbour today. It seems like years since they got the Ok after the public inquiry but that’s it, it’s finally started the first turf has been cut so to speak. I went along hoping to catch the actual moment but got fed up of waiting, not that I waited very long right enough but I had other things to do.

let the work begin

I did check through the binoculars from the ferry later just to make sure and sure enough they did start. After my slightly disappointing trip down to the old pier I went to check out Willy’s polytunnel but apart from a coat of paint not a great deal had been achieved outdoors though he had made some snazzy templates and designed an amazing chicken run along similar lines (watch this space).  The paint is a special primer that needs to cure for around 10 days ‘Zinnser 123’ I think as not much else will stick to HDPE. He’s painting it white to reduce expansion and stop hot spots against the polythene.

white polytunnel

And apart from loading up my wee trailer with rock for my road that was about it for the day.

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