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February 25, 2008

Best sleep in days

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After not sleeping for several days worrying about my concrete path I thought last night would be the same as today is ‘pig day’. The forecast is cr4p and I’ve 4 wee ‘old spots’ sleeping in their trailer ready for the trip to the abattoir. By some miracle I slept like a log and had to be woken by the alarm, so that’s it, I’ve just checked UK Wind Map and the forecast is still rubbish but I’m off.

Dingwall and back

Set off down ‘Calum’s road’ just after 7:00 and was first in the queue, though not by much.


The first ferry on Monday is always a busy one and today was no exception, I went to check on the wee darlings in the back and they were fast asleep so obviously not stressed, which eased my concience a little.

sleepy gos

Usually mrs C comes with me but today I was alone as the return trip to Raasay was looking dubious and as our nearest neighbours about 10 miles away she stayed at home just in case. Apart from stopping after about an hour to have a look at the cargo and get fuel I drove straight to the slaughter house and got there around 10:40. The pigs were still asleep but soon arose to the smell of some sow rolls and trotted off quite the thing with the slaughter man. That just left me to deal with the paperwork and leave instructions for the delivery to butcher, resturaunt,hotel and ferry terminal. I always feel bad but I’ve tried being veggie and it doesn’t work for one who does hard labour ( well not for me anyway ) and I figure if your going to eat meat then you shouldn’t shy away from the reality of it.

That just left the shopping to be done, which for us means LIDL, I just love Lidl and the almost total lack of anything branded, I love the total simplicity of it, the total lack of Doctor who, Shrek, Scooby doo, and Walt friggin Disney. At least I’m buying something and paying for the food and not royalties to some multinational or cartoon character. Ok it’s probably made by underpaid workers in eastern Europe but then what isn’t. Anyway my overflowing shopping trolley came to £96 and that included 2 bottles of wine and a months supply of just about everything. The day was pretty good in Dingwall so having achieved all I set out to do I headed home in lighter mood thinking my chances of getting back home were improving. The further west I got the wetter it got, but it still did not seem too windy. That is until I got to Kyle and the Skye bridge and by the time I arrived at Sconser it was WILD.

If Skye had an armpit!

No disrespect to the people of Sconser but from the perspective of one who’s spent many an hour and even night being buffeted by squalls from hell in a place with no facilities and a hotel that is never open. Then I really do think if Skye did have an armpit this is where it would be. If you have a nice cosy house there with stunning views over to Raasay and the mouth of Lochcarron then I’m sure you’d disagree, but when all you love and hold dear is just ‘over the sea from Skye’ then you have a different perspective. I arrived there to the usual swaying lamposts and lashing rain that accompanies a southerly gale to find that a car had been blown into the middle of the car park though someone had jammed a pallet under the front wheels to stop it being blown any further. Now anywhere else on the planet this would be regarded as unusual but not here, the wind once blew a volvo over a fence!!! it regularly breaks car windscreens and once wrote my mothers car off by blowing open the tailgate which came off it’s struts and hit the roof distorting it. It is the only place I know of where the telephone box gets blown over regularly (though it still usually works) and every post, sign, pole and tree is off the perpendicular.

sconser phone

This is the place I spent the next 2 1/2 hours praying for a ferry. At 5:45 somewhat later than scheduled and with a sudden lull in the wind I saw the ‘Loch Striven’ appearing through the murk. I was very happy.

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