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February 24, 2008

Starting to panic and can the RAF see my wind turbine?

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As regular readers will know I’m a bit obsessed by the weather and I’ve just checked UK Wind Map and I’m starting to get into a bit of a flap. We’re putting the 4 ‘old spots’, Jack, Dean, Iona and Islay away tomorrow

jack dean etc

and the weather is deteriorating. I’ve been keeping an eye on it for days now and every day the forecast for monday is a little worse with freshening southerly winds (not good for the ferry) so it looks like yet another sleepless night ahead! I’ve already been up since 5:30 worrying about my path so if I do finally get to Dingwall tomorrow a couple of bottles of red wine will be going in the shopping basket (for medicinal purposes!) and now I’m going out to give the wee darlings their last breakfast.

It was pretty wild so the ‘old spots’ weren’t waiting for me so when I called them they came charging out of the trailer that they live in looking all clean and very sweet so whilst they were busy with their noses in the trough I painted a purple mark on them for ID. We have a special trailer that’s pig proof ie there’s no bits on it that they eat or destroy. They’ve been living in it now for a couple of months so it’s their safe wee house and tonight I’ll just shut them in and hitch up ready for an early start tomorrow. I’ve done it half a dozen times and it does not get any easier especially as they are so relaxed and trusting of the nice ‘two legs’ that feeds them. Once that was done I removed all the crap from the Landrover and checked the levels and mrs C did the mountains of paper work required and got it all in a pile for me.

Back to the ‘Harris hydro’

After a hearty breakfast we set about finishing converting the fish farm float hen house into an enclosure for the Harris turbine and its manifold.


This pic was taken a couple of weeks ago and basically all we did was remove the perches, and add some timber inside for strength and add a flap on the hens door to keep out the weather. Then we loaded it into the quad trailer and set off to attach it to the base on site.


Well the dude and his pal bolted the turbine down and I supervised, then the manifold and ‘penstock’ pipe were fitted.

turbine pipe to manifold

Once it was coupled up the hen house went over the top securely tied to a couple of stakes (for the time being and it all looked very snug.

Harris in hen hut

Well I thought it looked pretty good for an old drain a washing machine drum some telephone ducting and a fish cage float!

THe hen house

OK it needs a bit of tweaking and tidying but it’s pretty well recycled! By the time we’d got all this done it was almost time to take the dudes pal down to the ferry, that just left the most important job of the day to be done.

Having heard recently that the RAF were having problems with wind turbines confusing their radar I thought I’d better warn them as I did not want to be held responsible in the event of an RAF tornado hitting it!


Well that’s it really, the ‘old spots’ are tucked up in bed in their ‘mobile home’ the forecast hasn’t got any better no matter how many times or how many sites I check.

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