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February 23, 2008

5am and all’s well

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One of the disadvantages of sleeping under a corrugated iron roof and two ‘Velux’ windows is that the weather allways seems to sound worse than it actually is. So having unwisely decided to lay a concrete path yesterday I then proceeded to toss and turn all night listening to the pouring rain and imagining my path disappearing into a watery slurry. At 4:30 I gave up trying to sleep and went out to check the path. It was of course fine and there wasn’t much I could have done had it not been as the storm force winds would have made covering it with anything hazardous to say the least. So here I am pondering on what to do with the rest of the day. The UK Wind Map is not giving any data for Skye so that probably means the weather station has blown away and says it’s gonna rain all day. So it could be fitting a new kitchen sink to match the converted 4′ stainless steel urinal that I made into a draining board!


That’s it behind the sink and just in case your wondering, the bit you aim for is underneath!

Changing a Landrover’s rear shock absorber

This will probably bore most people so feel free to skip it but I’m a bit obsessive about my ‘old girl’ and it’s what I decided to do instead of fitting the beautiful sink that my mum bought us to match our ‘recycled’ draining board. It was still pouring with rain after I’d fed the pigs and my twisted logic told me that if I could work outside in it then it wouldn’t wash my path away. So as the dude had gone swimming with mrs C I hijacked his mate to give me lift.

‘Calum’s road’ destroys car suspension systems which is why I have a Land Rover, every car that I have owned has had more suspension parts replaced than most garages stock. My Daihatsu 4 track had 4 complete spring changes in as many years. By comparison my old girl of 5 years has only had 2 changes of springs and shockers and it has done ALLOT of work and in fairness I’ve changed some of the parts out of vanity rather than sanity. Anyway my 2 year old ‘Koni’ adjustables had suddenly and massively failed, one last year when I went to get Ginger our Tamworth boar and whilst it was replaced under gaurantee I still ended up about £20 out of pocket. The other one went the same way just out of the warranty period so I just got some ‘Pro comps’ from ‘Paddocks’ almost a 1/4 of the price and a lifetime warranty.


The beauty of old Landrovers is they are easy to fix, the down side is they need fixing quite regular. Now I’m a great fan of these old buckets because spares are cheap and they do just keep on going but don’t fall far that ‘best of british’ reliable cr4p because they aren’t and unless you are mechanically minded and have a welder steer well clear of them. I’ve had them almost constantly for 30 years (apart from a temporary lapse into a Diahatsu) so I should know. Changing the rear shockers is simplicity itself and you don’t even need to jack it up.

Just undo the top mount with a 19mm socket.

top mount

Undo the bottom nut with a 19mm spanner, you may need to grip the shocker to stop it turning or alternatively there are 2 small flats on the end of the threaded rod you can grip with an 8mm spanner.


Fitting is just a reversal, just make sure all the washers and rubbers are in the correct order and me being very sad always wraps ‘Densotape’ round exposed threads that aren’t stainless steel.

denso 1denso

The rest of the day

Once that was out of the way it was a couple of loads of rock, one of small for the road and a pile of handpicked squarish ones for the edge of the new path when it finally cures. A spot of lunch then some serious wood cutting, logging then splitting by which time I was pretty wrecked so came in and did some blogging, whilst mrs C did some baking. As the wind turbine has been going like the clappers for days she’s been using the oven allot and today it was a mince pie with a cherry pie for dessert. We also have an empty wash basket and no clothes hanging to dry as she’s been going bonkers with the washer and tumble drier also.

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