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February 22, 2008

Dumping all day

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Electricity and concrete that is! to be honest I thought it was going to be a write off as far as the path went, It had been blowing hard all night with heavy showers to boot and the last thing you need when pouring concrete is heavy rain. After putting all my layers on and feeding the creatures I came in to look at the forecast again, I’d already looked at it before I went out and decided to spend the day in my workshop but whilst I was out it seemed to brighten up so I thought if I spent enough time on the internet I would eventually find a good forecast or at least convince myself that I should go for it.  Sure enough after more coffee, more surfing and another breakfast I decided to do it, bearing in mind every forecast said showers and west wind here is notorious for it then it was probably not a wise decision.

Anyway I started at 9:00 and just battered on with it, fortunately the only two heavy showers were hail showers and inbetween it was actually a very nice day for it.


And by 5:00 I had it finished.


Which was just as well because we were booked in for a meal at the ‘Isle of Raasay hotel’ at 6:30 and I still had to wash down all the tools, cement mixer have a bath and drive down ‘Calum’s road’ to get there. Having worked none stop for 8 hours with only a bacon butty on the hoof I was well ready for it and just made it. The Indian meal we had there was delicious, we had a table for 6 and did a bit of sampling of each others dishes and they were all first class though the dude opted for sausage, chips and beans!!!!

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