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February 21, 2008

Severe lack of enthusiasm

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Full moon or not I’m very reluctant to venture out today. It’s been proper west coast winter weather all night, mild, very wet and VERY windy. It’s one of those mornings that not even the pigs will be waiting to be fed and I will have great difficulty stopping half empty feed buckets blowing away. Still there’s no use sitting here complaining I’d better just get out and do it!

Well I did it and sure enough not a single porker was waiting for me, this is actually a good thing because it means I can get the food into their troughs before they knock it out of the scoop. It also means I can feed the wee Tamworths without being tripped up by 7 frantic ginger grunting gremlins. All the ‘old spots’ the 4 weaners and the 2 gilts were sound asleep but they are much easier to feed anyway as ‘old spots’ are a most laid back pig and their eyesight is so bad that if your quiet they can’t see you anyway. Even the hens were reluctant today and were busy cowering under the landrover and refused to budge. The only person who seemed happy was Ringo the duck, though as usually he ran of quacking and flapping as I approached. He really is the biggest wimp I’ve met, we’ve had him 6 or 7 years so you think he’d know by now that I’m not going to pull his neck, apart from being the most timid duck I’ve ever had he’s completely useless and has never fertilized an egg yet. Though it wasn’t for lack of trying (even with the hens!), sadly all his girls have died now so he’s all on his own.

After doing the rounds I retired to the kitchen for a hearty breakfast and had great difficulty removing myself. It wasn’t until i saw the hens running past the kitchen window that I figured it had improved enough to venture out to my path. 3 trailer loads of rock got the bottoming finished for the path but just driving the quad into the weather was like getting pummeled with hailstones and seeing where I was going was a bit hit and miss.


As laying concrete in this weather was out of the question and it had been pouring with rain all night I figured a trip to Torran was on the cards to check out the burn where I’m fitting the ‘Harris hydro’ turbine. There’s also a waterfall near there that flows uphill when the weathers like this and I wanted to try and take a photo (again). It looks really spectacular from here as you can see the water being blown against the dark background of a hill behind it, even over a mile away it looks amazing but when you get up close you can’t see water as it’s against the sky.


Even though I wasn’t that impressed with the pics I took it was worth going up for the view of our wee homestead in spite of the pouring rain.


Once I’d taken my pics, checked out the turbine site ( it was somewhat in spate) I returned to do some mods on the header tank screen and baffles in the comfort of my workshop, figuring that no self respecting pig would be abroad in such weather I didn’t bother to close the gate on our drive.


Before long I had 4 little helpers! just goes to show how wrong you can be. I think they were just trying to tell me it was almost dinner time so I picked up a bucket and off they trotted back down the drive onto the road and along to their trough.


This time next week they’ll be vacuum packed joints and sausages, which is a shame but they’ve had a much better time on gods earth than the majority of pigs. I was pretty much vegetarian for a couple of years but it did not give me enough protein when I was clam diving and I used to go all faint unless I started to eat some fish or game.

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