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February 20, 2008

A boost from the moon, or how to make a path

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It’s a full moon today and I can always tell as I’m even more manic than usual. Today was no exception, I’m always full of enthusiasm on my first day off work but today there was no stopping me. I checked all the usual forecasts UK Wind Map and and both gave it dry until lunch time so I was well miffed when it started pishing with rain before I’d even fed the pigs. I’d got it into my head that I should build a path from the house across the lawn. I’ve been meaning to do this for several years but today the time seemed right as I’d acquired several tons of aggregate half a ton of sand and various odd bits of timber for shuttering from clearing up after the builders at the primary school. As all this kit was starting to make our croft look like a builders merchant I thought the time was right to do it. Undeterred by the rain I went out to feed my wee darlings, I know it’s just the food they’re after but they were glad to see me (all 16 of them) and they were all looking great. I gave the 4 ‘old spot’ weaners extra as they’re going for the chop on Monday and I’m starting to feel guilty. I know I shouldn’t give them all names and spend so much time with them but we all feel the same apart from the dude who’s just grown up with it and accepts it.

After doing the rounds of feeding 16 pigs, 4 chooks, 3 cats, 1 dook and the wild birds plus myself it stopped raining so I got stuck into the path. First thing was to mark it out with some bailer twine and pegs.


Once marked out I set about carefully lifting the turf, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the old turf yet but was half thinking of covering the Tamworths shelter with it.


After raking it and taking off a few high spots I proceeded to make the shuttering out of 6″ boards near the gate and 4″ ones for the rest of the path.


I’m no joiner so this took me hours pegging the sides into the ground and making sure all was plumb with a spirit level, well not quite level as I want the water to run off but the same both sides if you know what I mean. Like I say I’m no expert.

Next came the hard labour, taking the quad and trailer along ‘Calum’s’ road and lifting smallish stones out of the drain in a bucket and filling the trailer with them. I’d normally take the ‘old girl’ and go a mile or so down the road to a quarry there but she had a trailer full of aggregate attached and taking it off wasn’t an option. I could have taken the quad but was short of petrol so it was the bucket and bare hands down the drain (perhaps I could send the council a bill!)


By the time I’d done 3 loads I was halfway up the path, it was getting dark and I was whacked!


So with a bit of luck I can get the bottoming finished tomorrow before I get dragged to Broadford with mrs C.

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