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February 19, 2008

Sunrise, Moonset

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It’s been another topper of a day here on sunny Raasay and at the risk of being boring here is what confronted me when I left the house at 6:30. I stepped out of the front door to be greeted by an almost full moon through the trees to the west just over the ‘Storr’ (that’s the mountain in my header)


I then turned around and saw this!


After going through my morning ritual of starting the ‘old girl’ firing up the ‘eberspacher’ diesel heater (I know I’m a softie) filling up my insulated cup with the remnants of the coffee pot that’s been sat on the stove and hitching up my wee trailer I set off down the drive and through our gate to be accosted by this view.


I know it looks pretty unimpressive but you just had to be there. I was there for 20 mins until the moon had disappeared I took loads of photos but the clearer ones with the slow shutter speed left a very oval moon. I will try and get my man Willy of the polytunnel to ‘photshop’ them into something presentable. I got so carried away that I was almost late for work, Though when I did arrive the skipper was busy with his camera too! It really was something else.

TFI Tuesday

As for the rest of the day, of course it’s my Friday so I was as high as a kite rushing round with a paint brush and roller, hoover, mop and brush finishing off everything I’d started and getting ready to hand over to my opposite number who will be ensuring the ‘Loch Striven’ runs smoothly and looks presentable for the next 7 days. Did my usual spot of loading gravel for my road and went to check on polytunnel progress, though not much had been done in that department. The lovely mrs C with her posties hat came to collect the mail off the ferry and I even got a smile on camera, which is a rare event indeed.


I’ve just checked

UK Wind Map and the forecast looks reasonable for tomorrow so I can’t wait to see the pigs and get on with some concreting.

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