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February 17, 2008

I really can’t (stay in bed)

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There’s no reason on earth why I should be up at this time of day on a Sunday. I think there must be something wrong with me as I just can’t stay in bed, especially if the weather’s good like it has been of late. The animals don’t get fed until 8:00, it’s pitch black outside so I can’t really do much, I don’t start work on the ferry until 9:15 but I’m wide awake at 5:00am and up before 6:00. So here I am plonking away on here and surfing the net in search of wisdom. I don’t finish my shift on the ferry until Tuesday night but it all seems like down hill from now on, just 2 runs today, a huge fry up after the first run, a drill or two, perhaps MOB (man overboard) or launch DOTI (the rescue boat), a bit of maintinance , last run at 4:30 and home before dark for the first time this year.

Fed everyone at 8:00ish then went to sort out all the treasure I’d acquired through the week, it was only then that I realized that our croft was starting to look like a builders merchants!


Once I’d sorted all this lot out I set off for work. Now I never tire of driving the 11 miles or so to work in my old Landrover. Sometimes the views are spectacular, other times it’s like a wildlife safari, occasionally it’s snowy and more often than not it’s pishing with rain but it is never dull. This morning I saw three groups of hinds a buzzard and an owl.


Once at work had a leisurely kind of day and set off home round 5:00 and this is when my day started to go a little pear shaped, I’d just reached the youth hostel (about 1 1/2 miles up the road) when mrs C phoned me and asked if I’d collected some clothes for the dudes Pal who was staying with us. Of course me being in the early stages of dementia had forgotten so promptly turned around. Also forgetting I had a trailer on which I jack knifed into the ‘old girl’ and put a hole in her.


I was not a happy bunny! still once I’d turned round and stopped crying I saw this magnificent stag which improved my mood no end.


Now I know these pics are cr4p but they are taken with a wee pocket camera through the window of my Landrover so it does not really do them justice, that was a truly fine beast. Once home I ate the the last piece of Morris (‘old spot’) and drowned my sorrows in a fine bottle of Chilean red.

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