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February 16, 2008

Bit of a mess

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Been a bit worn out to say the least these last few days. The weather’s been great so I’ve been busy painting on the ferry which has been quite busy due to the refurbishment of ‘Raasay House’. There have been a few tourists about, probably it’s half term somewhere and there was even a yacht out today!. Apart from all the usual stuff like collecting seaweed and checking on Willy’s polytunnel I’ve been assisting in clearing up after the school extension was built. I dunno I must look like a tinker/scrappy/magpie or all three because people keep asking me if I want things. Usually stuff that most people call cr4p but stuff that any self respecting crofter in the middle of nowhere would kill for, old pallets, off cuts of timber, stone chips, shuttering ply, plastic water pipe etc etc. So every night I’ve been coming home with my landrover and trailer full to the gunnels with this ‘treasure’. The down side is that by the time I’ve unloaded it all and put it away it’s 8:00ish and soon as I leave the house for work at 6:30ish I’m pretty worn out. However tomorrow is Sunday so I’ve just left it all to unpack in the morning and if the ferry gets called out during the night I can take mrs Cs car.

After yesterdays cement eating pigs episode mrs C went to check for damage to our neighbours lawn, well I say lawn it’s more of a field. I dunno what it is with pigs but my neighbour has around 6 or 7 acres in front of her house, it’s got rushes, braken, birch trees and just about everything else any self respecting pig could go and root up. Where do they go? you guessed it right in front of the house!!! to be fair I think they were just checking out the builder who was there but anyway they had made a mess and mrs C spent an hour or two this afternoon sorting it ou, though she said it wasn’t as bad as when Ginger got in there last year.


and if your reading this mrs A I’m very sorry and will mend your fence.

Twitchy ‘old girl’

Traveling to work this morning I felt the ‘old girl’ (my 21 year old landy) was bouncing a little more than usual. Given the state of ‘Calum’s road’ and the stiffness of my suspension detecting anything aint easy. Sure enough once at work and it was light I stuck my head under the rear to see a mass of oil around my rear n/s shock absorber. Bearing in mind these extra heavy duty ‘Koni’ adjustable shocks were only just over 2 years old and the other one failed last year i was a bit miffed. Now ‘Calum’s road’ has destroyed the suspension on every vehicle I’ve owned (several times) which is why I’ve spent a fortune over the years with the best of stuff for the ‘old girls’ undercarrige  but these so called ‘super heavy duty’ shocks did not last anywhere near as long as the old ‘de carbon’ ones they replaced. In fact they were still serviceable after 4 years.


Some new ones were duly ordered along with some new front springs as she developed a list to port and has sagged a bit at the front. They should be here in time for me to fit next week on my week off.

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