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February 15, 2008

The ‘old spots’ go a building

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The weather has been so settled of late that it’s starting to get boring (only joking) The sunrises have been amazing and the sunsets awesome. This morning I made a tiny detour down to the Castle at Brochel, as the sky to the east looked like something out of ‘Lord of the rings’. The old seat of the Macleods of Raasay, the ruins of the castle looked like they were gaurding against the fires of ‘Mordor’


The day at work was exceptionally busy with a couple of extra runs and being Friday the fish van came over with his usual load of fresh local fish. Working on the ferry means we always get in the back of the van first and today I came away with fresh locally grown salmon, fresh and smoked haddock plus the last bag of prawns. All fresh and local and only £15, I say £15 but I’ve not actually paid for them yet, one thing about living on an island is you never seem to carry any cash around with you, well I don’t but luckily my credits good!

The polytunnel

After squeezing in an extra sailing early afternoon I went to check on progress of the most amazing polytunnel.



As you can see that’s the door lintel in place and everything squared up ready for screwing together. Having checked on Willy’s progress I headed back to the ferry loading up my trailer with gravel on the way.

The wandering ‘old spots’

It was when mrs C delivered the mail to the ferry that she informed me of our ‘spot’ of bother. The ‘old spots’ Jack, Dean, Isla and Iona were out. Well there’s nothing odd about that because they’re always out but a local builder was trying to do some work on a nearby holiday cottage and they were hasseling him. Now pigs are curious creatures and do like human company (well it’s two legs that feeds them)but this chap was trying to do some rendering or something and the sight of black plastic buckets and feed bags (well actually cement bags) proved too much of a temptation for the wee piggies and apparently they were into everything, the main concern being the amount of cement that they may have eaten. They are due to go for the chop a week an Monday so I hope they won’t taste of cement!

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