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February 13, 2008

An unexpected bonus

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The bonus

Well it was back to work on the ‘Loch Striven’ today after a spectacular week off, managed to get loads done round the croft and the ground is at last starting to dry out. So much so that today I decided to load my trailer up with seaweed for the garden instead of rock for the road. I tow this tiny trailer behind my landrover whenever I go to work and load it up with rock I quarry from beside the road during my lunch break, but the dry sunny weather of the past few days and the good forecast have got me and mrs C fired up for the veg garden. It’s been impossible to do anything in there as it’s been like a swamp of late. A bit of seaweed then some digging in and turning over by the pigs will do it a power of good. However upon leaving Sconser on Skye for the first run back to Raasay a nice man asked me if I wanted some gravel as he was over with a lorry clearing up after the builders who’d just put up the new primary school extension. Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth and reasoning that the seaweed would still be there tomorrow I went up to the school in my lunch break. The trailer load of gravel was soon added to with a multitude of bits of wood, pallets and off cuts of this and that all which have many pig related uses. I’m not quite sure what those uses are just yet but I know they will be useful eventually.

The polytunnel

Loading all these treasures meant I only had time for a quick look at Willy’s polytunnel but it was looking good.


The latest addition being the grey plastic plates at the base to protect the ploythene from the strimmer. They are held in place in such a way that they can expand an contract without distorting and have been cut from old salmon cage floats. In fact the whole polytunnel is ex fish farm, the black pipe is from the feed blower system and those green sheets are from the walkways. He plans to use part of an old net as the door screen!


Here’s the lovely joints on the ridge pole.

The afternoon

As I keep saying the weather is fantastic so the afternoon was spent doing some painting outside on the ferry in contrast to my last week at work when I barely came out of the engine room. It was so calm that we kept meeting this can of Irn bru floating in the sea in the same place!  There was a sectacular sunset but I missed it but this was taken at 4:30 just before we passed HMS Irn Bru.


And whilst this may be a dangerous place to berth it hasn’t stopped a wee bonzai spruce tree from growing there.


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