Life at the end of the road

February 11, 2008

Rainbow rising

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No It’s not an album by a 70s rock band, it’s the sun in our house. We lose the sun in november and today is the first day we got it back. The day got off to a good start and just kept getting better I went out early feeding as I just couldn’t stay inside on such a marvelous day.


This was the sky that greeted me at 7:45 as I went out to tend my herd and and the day just kept getting better. So much so that I got on with painting the feed store before breakfast, yet another full Scottish complements of mrs C and her dad. To be honest the day was so good that I was in a bit of a flap trying to decide what to do next and I eventually settled on doing some work on the ‘Harris hydro’ turbine for my mate at ‘The old schoolhouse’ over at Torran. Having made up the base for the turbine the other day out of a drain base I’d found on the shore and an old washing machine drum I plugged up the 5 surplus holes in the bottom with some bits sawn off the bottom of fence posts.


After which I set off on the quad down the track to Torran, first job was to start up the trusty ‘Lister’ to give it a wee run and top up the batteries which power the house via a ‘Studer’ inverter. Then it was down to the site below the house to dig in the base for the turbine


Once that was done my stomach started complaining so I headed home for lunch, coming across the wee wains who were out for a walk.


The dude was also out with his pal on his cart, his pal was driving and he’d just had a bit of a prang and come off the road. Fortunately they hailed a passing tow truck who was only too happy to help.


I finally got in the house around 13:30 to be greeted by all these sparkly rays of light and rainbows from our solar powered rainbow maker which has been redundant since november.  Now I know this is no big deal in the grand scale of things but it’s allways a bit of a milestone here and makes me feel like spring is at last on the way.



  1. it is a big deal. out of such things are a good life made. i am happy to see it too.

    Comment by jeannette — June 2, 2010 @ 9:17 pm

  2. is?

    Comment by jeannette — June 2, 2010 @ 9:18 pm

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