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February 10, 2008

Looks like Harry the ‘Lister’ will be busy!

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Just checked UK Wind Map like I do every morning and it looks like mr ‘Lister’ will be starting up today. It will only be the second time this year but we’ve had a house full of children and inlaws for the weekend so our washing machine, tumble drier, TV and just about every light in the house has been on since friday. Mr ‘Lister’ or Harry is our 12kw standby generator that starts automaticaly if our48v battery bank gets low, it’s normaly charged with our ‘Proven’ 2.5kw wind turbine

but as you can see it’s already at 47.6v and that’s with just me and one child up just wait till the rest of the tribe appear and the 4 slice toaster starts getting hammered. The weather forecast is fantastic and looks dry and calm (by our standards) for the week. From experience I’d suspect he’ll start up today for 5 hours and that should see us through the calm spell. Anyway that’s the household stirring now so I’d better get the toaster fired up and go feed the animals.

The day

Well just as the forecast said it was fine and just as I thought ‘Harry’ fired up a couple of hours ago ( 5:30ish). After feeding the animals I tried to keep out of the way of all the women and children and calm down by splitting some logs. This seemed to do the trick and prepared me for the full Scottish breakfast that mrs C and her mum had made after which I got distracted by ‘Twinny’ my 7kw Lister and ‘Old faithful’ my 3kw Lister. I can’t even remember why I went in their shed but I ended up starting them both up and giving them a wee clean. Feeling very pleased with myself and a little deaf I thought I might aswell go and cut some bedding as I planned to move the wains house to a less boggy location. The wains are our 7 tamworth 12 week old weaners who are now at the stage when they no longer run off squealing every time you touch them but charge at you wanting a pet. Whilst I was buried in the shed with the ‘Listers’ mrs C had gone out for a walk with her mum 2 children and 11pigs!!!! There’s nothing unusual with the pigs going for walks as the 4, 6 month old ‘old spots’ live out on the hill anyway and quite often follow you about. Though the sanity of taking 7 hyper active 12 week old tamworths out for a walk with 4 mellow pigs twice their age and size was beyond me.


Though they all got on famously, I don’t think it’s normally a good idea to mix pigs especially boars of different sizes but I think because they have so much space and their own housing it does not seem to be a problem YET. It won’t be for long though as the ‘old spots’ are due for the chop in 2 weeks. I probably shouldn’t get so close, friendly and name our piglets but I do and every time I take them for slaughter I feel guilty because they trust me so much but I’m glad I feel bad cos pigs are great intelligent creatures and deserve a good life and a bit of respect.

5-007-small.jpg 5-022-small.jpg

After spending a bit of quality time with my extended family we all went to move the tamworth house to a drier, harder bit of ground in amongst the birch trees. Apart from almost loosing 2 children in a bog it went more or less to plan and the wee wains were well chuffed.


Apart from doing a bit more work on my road and painting 3 oil drums that was about it.

Health and safety gone mad (probably)

You may well be wondering why on earth anyone would want to paint oil drums, well it’s the HSEs fault I suspect. I’ve been moving barrels of diesel, oil, Kerrosene, etc for over 20 years on an almost weekly basis, having lived on remote islands since 1985 i’ve not had much option. I even have to move them at work (though we have the proper equipment for doing it), however when I went to order some barrels for the ferry last week I was told we’re no longer allowed to get them and must now get all our oil in 20lt containers. Now this would not normally get me excited but it means my regular supply of oil drums has dried up so I’m having to look after the ones I’ve got. Personally I think we’re developing into a nation of weaklings, I started to see the signs almost 20 years ago when I took a diving cylinder into a shop for filling and the guy (with a smile) told me ‘do you know we’re supposed to use a trolley for these! and then a few years ago 25lt oil contaners started to be replaced by 20lt ones because they were too heavy. Then of course more recently the cement bag halved in size. Before the people of Arnish, Torran and Fladda left here in the 1960s everything came in 10st bags, thats 14olbs or 63.5k in new money!!! and it was all carried on the back up the shore. Nowadays your not allowed to lift more than 25k! I think the world has gone mad.

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